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  1. hi man, what do you mean ?
  2. yes it is like you said. Where can i try ?
  3. thank you robert for your answer, i try to use that code converter you wrote up here, i will update you.
  4. unfortunately i have not the old ripple desktop client anymore.
  5. i will try to decrypt it, thank you
  6. it doesn't contain or start with s . It contains 808 characters. It begins: eyJp....and ends with =. can i import it in e.g. Xumm ? are you sure ixarepe ? can i ask you then, more information about it ? first i have to create an account in xumm.. let me know, please
  7. hi , i'm writing this message because i lost my secret key i had from Rippex, shutted down in 2018. I have public Key ( r....) and a backup file "Ripple" in a txt extension. It contains over 808 characters and it ends with "=". Which platform allows me to recover wallet with these datas ? thanks in advance for your support
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