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  1. Another intersting point which makes the Ripple Vol smaller ist the I call it "new user Ripple Vol. down" effect. I do not know how it is handelt in other XRP Providers but in Gatehub every new Member gets 20XRP to start. Sounds not much for the max amount of XRPs in the world but: While you could read the daily new members on ripple.charts the daily new Wallet users was between 300-500 every day (last week) So if you take 300 new wallets a day - there are 6.000XRPS per day which are just for opening Gateways and not for trading 6.000x365= 2.190.000XRPs that cant be used for trading you see in a Year it counts and I am calculating with the min new accounts per day Please think about this effect and give me your comments I am curious. Greetings
  2. thank you for your statements I will continue making this calculation every day so will wil see in a few months I will post it the @sukrim I took the circulating supplay because this is what is interesting for nomal investers the XRP for the Banks are not interesting for regualr people I think
  3. Hi guys! Ihope you can Help with something interesting (for me) that I think I found out maybe I made a mistake in calculation please correct me if it is. Thank you in advance I thought a lot about the Proportion between XRP :BTC I have alle numbers from http://coinmarketcap.com/ 16.353.300BTC : 38.249.335.400 XRP (26th of may) same like 1 : 2338 easy calculation but guys this proportion is getting lower and lower very fast I know the BTC (inflating) is getting more the XRP (deflating coin) is getting less but check this out on 21st of may the Proportion was 1 : 2357 you see in 5 days the proportion got smaller 11 points so in one year if it goes further like this we hav ca (calculate with 10- every day 2 points) 730 points (365*2) So that in 3,2 years the Proportion will be 1:1 is this possible or do I make a mistake? I make this easy proportion calculation every 5 days to check on which rate XRP is equal to BTC I am curious about you answers/opinions thx
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