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  1. There are A LOT of accounts that got verified during the bear market. There is no guarantee we are out of this sentiment, but it is looking good. There will be a lot of money flowing in when FOMO is in full effect! I'm happy
  2. Glad I did not splash 20k into XRP when we were $3+ Still think we will be at $5+ within 2 years
  3. Always when prices start to fall people are mentioning negative things and the opposite happens when the price is soaring. Why do people don't do their research and stick by it ?
  4. But yea, the biggest crashes took a year/ multiple years to recover from. Now it will take a couple of months..
  5. Could be months before we see upward trends again, but when we see them they will be huge..
  6. I'm going long on XRP, NEO and IOTA (and a little NAV just because I like the leading DEV) But mainly XRP
  7. This is a likely scenario. Probably will dip again somewhere in march when new ATH's are being set and everyone who saw the price decline in januari/feb will sell.
  8. It will take maybe one or two weeks and we are back at it again. This just happens everytime with januari mentality in crypto.
  9. Reaching despair phase soon. Just shaking the last of the weak hands.
  10. They can use a combination of systems to make it work for this particular situation. Banks are experimenting with this tech.. It is big news and good news.
  11. I don't know but this is huge news for me actually. They are already seriously willing to use a ripple product and this is a big bank here. How many other coins have had such big succes in their market ? Wow..
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