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  1. I'm coming to realize bacon goes with pretty much ... everything Thanks for the recipe. Can't wait to try it
  2. Let's hope it reaches your goal of $50/ea well before then Most Just Over Brokes suck.... I enjoy mine to a point, [I think every vocation has it's ups and downs] but would be much happier and healthier changing my vocation as a FT stay at home gardener
  3. Is there ever enough? I'd like to get more, but not in a currently in a position to acquire. Best of Luck if the opportunity arises to get yours
  4. In hindsight, I really wish I would have purchased some pre-2015. After having been burned at Cryptsy, I was a bit gun-shy about making any sort of crypto purchases anywhere or from anyone. Oh well.
  5. I might be one of the last few in existence to say I acquired mine from the WCG "mining" days [2013]
  6. I resemble this statement, but I wouldn't consider myself "old". [42] I've tried to wrap my mind around it, having watched endless hours of YouTube videos- even the one where @JoelKatz promised that by the end of the lecture one would be an expert on Blockchain technology. I watched that video 3 times. I'm still at a loss. I am quite well versed in the current monetary and banking systems though
  7. I like pictures too. I tried my hand at trading- but unfortunately I am an emotional trader and I can't sit in front of computer screens for endless hours due to a migraine condition. I also don't have extra funds to play with as to find a reputable trading platform that caters to US clients that isn't a dealing desk is nearly impossible. Any current trading platform for Cryptos don't have any insurance features built in, such as FDIC I have thrown our indicators a long time ago as they are useless. Outside of news, the markets are driven by algorithms and bots. I've learned that charts can create nice abstract pictures [not exactly Gartley]; and Time and price correlate.
  8. @Hodor- I like the thought process behind your analysis. It makes sense in so far as the people they have on board as well for Ripple the company. To take the current scenario with Fiat money and it's use -case for the USD$ currently; and translate it into the cyber currency world- all being done legally and through the proper jurisdiction Even though the current system is failing, the crypto world is just beginning. It also explains the amount of existing XRP's. Selfish note: I hope that XRP's value translates into a bit more than 1USD$ Thanks for the insightful theory, @Hodor
  9. http://www.newsbtc.com/2017/06/05/blockchain-exchange-bitsane-introduces-ripple-trading-consensus-2017/
  10. My line of thinking is more than likely incorrect here; but this is why it's the only coin I have- and kept it after earning it. Because it's value represents the legal company behind it. The coin itself without the company is just like all the rest. That in which some 740+ other coins existing [taken from Cryptocurrency Market] does not have that I am aware of anyway. I could be wrong here too. As far as HODL, I plan on releasing 1/2 of my pile at when XRP's value reaches that in which I can absolve myself from my existing debts with a little bit left over for savings and a bit of fun. The rest I plan to HODL until I see issues with Ripple itself as a company- such as with what people do with traditional stocks. Either way, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I feel very lucky to have had the wherewithal to learn how to "mine" it in the first place and to have had the sense enough to keep it.
  11. I am not old, but I have old school values. I measure value in something I can actually use and sustain my life, such as services rendered, food, and shelter. If it comes to someday using purely electronic payments because Fiat is gone, fine. But there doesn't need to be a Coin used for every service area.Laundry coin, grocery coin... you get the picture. Techy-types forget who actually powers the current economy-- blue collar workers. Next time you go out for fast food, ask them if they know what Bitcoin is. I am not a person of possessions and materialism. Someone could say a piece of furniture was worth "x" and I would laugh because I would ask for a picture of it and make it myself. If I couldn't I'd find someone who could and either pay them with something that is widely accepted [USD$] or do a barter. And I understand the angst against banks---but the argument lies with the governing force behind them- not the banks themselves. [Although each bank does have it's own in house rules for fees on transactions.] Blockchain technology can stand alone with a coins [coins] that offer something. I currently see no coins that offer anything [as mentioned]- or even XRP by itself. If I make a cyber transaction, you better believe I want some sort of accountability behind it if the transaction goes awry. And right now, only Banks and institutions can do that. The fees everyone gripes about pays for this service. If these transactions are deemed illegal in today's political climate- it's not the banks at fault- it's the governing powers behind them. If people want to fix the banks, fixing the Governments needs to come first.
  12. While I see diversification as a good thing, IMO [long term] I do not see it as being beneficial here. I only own XRP- that of which I traded my $100 worth of BTC and those which I earned through the World Community Grid from lending my CPU power to science. After much reading and trying to understand the technicals and the in's and out's of everything- I can't wrap my mind around much of it. From my point of view, there are coins coming out all the time- since 2013 or so when I attempted mining some of them. Almost all the altcoins got pumped- and then dumped. I see this as no more as an elaborate HYIP- and I'm not savvy enough to know when to purchase and sell such volatile things. From my limited knowledge view, all current coins [plus today's "real" money] only hold "value" because someone assigns worth to it. One person's trash is another's treasure so to speak. Do the cryptocurrencies actually DO anything? No. It is such a hassle to have to convert these currencies [with all the exchange fees] to get a certain coin to get a certain product. I'm more than happy to go elsewhere and just spend the USD$ because it's universally accepted; instead of having to purchase, say GameCoin to buy and play a game. But to get said coin I have to figure out how to buy it going through X number of exchanges to get it. It might be cheaper to do it with the coins, but generally speaking it's worth the extra cost to save the hassle. Another contention I see if the people vs the Banks. Personally, I don't like the fact that banks have so much power and immunity. However, in the current world we live in, there are layers of protection with transactions in place that if something happens [theft or double charge for instance] - I can recover my funds. I do not see that in any current crypto- yet. Does XRP have any "value" in and of itself? No, as it is like all other currencies. However, unlike anything currently out there to date, I see XRP as Ripple's stock. People that own XRP's are shareholders in Ripple. Ripple is implementing new banking software to [hopefully] bring the World into the 21st century and beyond with cyber banking transactions. Even if someone else [R3] copies them, it doesn't mean Ripple and their platform will be obsolete- competition drives and fuels better products. I'm pretty sure the Ripple team has a few tricks up their sleeves and will implement them when the timing is right. Sorry for being long winded. No hating because of my ignorance please Just my simple perspective from an outside trying to look in
  13. I did at first awhile back. It's fun to dream! I have since changed that plan a bit. I will cash out a portion when it allows me to pay off all my debt obligations. I have no wishes to purchase anything extravagant -except maybe a little quiet holiday to the lake. I will hold the rest until I see how the world takes to the idea of legitimately using crypto as a form of payment that is universally accepted. Will King Dollar fall or work side by side? I think we'll find out within 3 years
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