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  1. - XRP + Cobalt is the only way in the foreseeable future that can settle 6,300 trades per second for five continuous hours. - Hence we are waiting for Cobalt (+ regulation) for XRP adoption at mass-scale - If payments are recorded on the digital ledgers in real-time but settlements do not happen real-time, this potentially creates a backlog of settlements and a havoc in the making. Hence R3, DTCC they need Ripple + XRP + Cobalt.
  2. I have the following javascript code to obtain wallet XRP balance. I would like to filter this balance by only 1 destination tag so that I get the wallet balance just for that specific destination tag. Does anyone know how to do this in javascript by modifying the code below? ------------------------------------ const RippleAPI = require('ripple-lib').RippleAPI; const api = new RippleAPI({ server: 'wss://s.altnet.rippletest.net:51233' }); const myAddress1 = <XRP wallet address>; api.connect().then(() => { console.log('getting account info for', myAddress1); return api.getAccountInfo(myAddress1); }) .then(info => { console.log(info); console.log('getAccountInfo done'); }) .then(() => { return api.disconnect(); }) .then(() => { console.log('done and disconnected.'); }) .catch(console.error);
  3. Just a small correction: XRP "wallet" will be unobtainable by most (assuming minimum threshold of 20 XRP does not change)
  4. Just need to remember that potential of XRP drastically increases once the news hits the public that trillions will be bridged (moved) via XRP, potentially in the order of double digits to triple digits XRP price. Such a model helps to assess in your XRP selling strategy. If you know the potential is e.g. triple digits, it may be possible you wouldn't sell 100% of your stack when XRP is $3 for example as in the back of your mind you have taken into the possibility of XRP price reaching such a potential in the future.
  5. Take a simple case: Daily transaction volume = 100 trillion Circulating supply = 50 billion XRP Average number of times a single XRP is traded in a day = 5 Price of XRP is roughly 100 trillion / (50 x 5 billion) = $400 per XRP I don't care whether the subtleties of this estimate is incorrect or not. In this case all I need to know is that a reasonable range for the price of XRP would be in the order of hundreds if trillions of dollars are transacted in XRP
  6. Yes, Ripple is engaging with SWIFT, ACI, the IMF, World Bank, etc to get trillions per day transacted in XRP. Whether their model is a well-educated guess or not, we can certainly deduce that they are thinking of the price of XRP in the order of thousands when all this plays out in their favour. This is why David Schwartz said "don't miss the next Ethereum". And you are right. We should be asking ourselves "what can we take away from such a model despite it not bring a perfect representation of reality?"
  7. and I haven't received your response to this. If you think someone else's model is crap, then create your own model and bring it here. End of discussion until then.
  8. I said strategic decisions. I never said anything about an investment strategy. Do you understand the difference between business management and finance? That's your assumption and you hope that she knows. You disregard the very issue that Susan should be engaged in such matters. In slag - someone may call someone like you a wuss. Certainly I'm not saying that. I already corrected this in the immediately above posts to yours. Are you blind or stupid or both? (This is just a question - you can answer yes or no) If you are concerned about politicians, what's your concern here then? Are you saying Susan Athey is a politician? Also, are you saying you are ok with strategic business decisions based on these kind of assumptions? If so, would you be comfortable investing in XRP? If you are concerned about such assumptions, shouldn't you be concerned about the very company that has a significant influence on the price of XRP? Haha.. can you explain your interpretation of a difference between calculator and a model? lol... Even if you can explain the difference, you haven't considered the possibility that a formula-based model and calculator based on the same formula could be regarded the same by some people. Also, I'm not twisting your words, those are your exact words I quoted. Where is the twist? lol Who says I'm upset and where is the attack? Let me repeat: You are an idiot but I did not say "idiot". According to your logic, I did not say it. Now I'm not sure whether you understand your own logic. Do you think I called you an idiot? Also, I'm not upset, so that is your misunderstanding. Let me make it very clear here - I'm enjoying this. Also, I've listed so many dissonances from you in this very post that now I realise you are not even worth replying to with your level of thinking... "investment strategy", "towards politicians"... wow.. it sounds like to me you are trying to take whatever you've learnt from that ANEP place and trying to squash it into places where it doesn't belong. This is exactly what I did and accepted different thinking. Can't you remember what someone says a post or two ago? What sort of academic thinking are you going to do if your memory is arguably that short? : There are no calculations that I have derived. You would need to define what is a calculation in this case. Are you sure these are my calculations or Susan's calculations or are you confusing yourself?
  9. Also, if you want to be so crystal clear - you can't prove this.
  10. I meant XRP for which the company Ripple has a significant influence in its valuation.
  11. Ok, why don't you go tell Susan Athey that? By the way, Ripple may be making important strategic decisions regarding the XRP price based on such valuation models. Are you sure you want to be invested in a company where a Board member comes up with valuation models that you would call "meaningless calculator"? Also, it opens up a host of possibilities where their economic school of thought is completely different to yours. I would be worried if I were you. Perhaps you should contact Susan here: https://twitter.com/susan_athey?lang=en or this might be better if you actually have a linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/susanathey I'm sure you can convince her with your excellent logical thinking: Is this what they teach you at https://blog.anep-economics.org/? Let me apply your sort of logic: You are an idiot but I did not say "idiot". Also next time you are going to call a model meaningless, create and bring your own model. Let's see if you can do any better. Oh and by the way I just read this: So I'm just going to say I did not say any of the above.
  12. I'm not going to argue about this because I can see it will be a long and endless discussion. However, what I will say is that the quantity theory of money is what is currently in economics textbooks that are used in universities throughout the world. Also, you are challenging theories and models that are built and used by finest universities and academic professionals of this world, and you are coming out with a website link from 2001. Of course I'm not saying that you are incorrect. There could be pros and cons of quantity theory of money and any alternative methodologies you may propose. Either way, these are estimates and guesses about future economic state. The fact that you call such models meaningless shows your one-sided point of view. If you are going to argue about Quantity Theory of Money, why don't you challenging academic professionals and come back with a proof that you've won the argument and that you have changed the economics syllabus of universities around the world? Many of us here will then certainly listen to you no doubt.
  13. https://xrpbalance.com XRP valuation based on "A Fundamental Valuation Framework for Cryptoassets" model developed by Susan Athey (Board of Directors, Ripple) and Robert Mitchnick (Stanford Graduate School of Business).
  14. Now link that OP's article with this and see what you get. @kenrino @xrp-overflow @AlibabaGrp @titi112 @DividendGamer - please do your research
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