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  1. adp04c

    Validator Node Growth!!!

    this is a list of all validators on ripple's api: https://data.ripple.com/v2/network/validators?format=json I think its 1 month of unique validators, but I could be wrong. What do we think is a better metric? Unique validators per day?
  2. Ripple's api does not track historical validator numbers, so I wrote some code that has been pulling validator numbers per day. I have tracked it over a month now, and the growth has been pretty impressive!
  3. XEM stolen. I think someone on twitter got confused between XEM and XRP. Found that transfer and starting Fudding.
  4. Total fud. The account has 3,110,849,147 XRP in it.
  5. Thanks! Its all in the white paper. I'm just trying to summarize some key insights from it. To make it more accessible to the masses who don't read anything technical because it is hard. They extra grey is because of increased liquidity cost not everything goes down from using XRP.
  6. I tried to write a knowledgeable piece trying to target all the FUD I keep hearing about how banks will not use XRP. It drives me nuts. I specifically talk about nostro accounts and Treasury Operations. Let me know what you all think. https://steemit.com/xrp/@smartmoney/why-banks-will-use-xrp-the-case-of-cost-associated-with-treasury-operations
  7. so you are saying, that the problem is only reserved for liquidity considerations a != b You can not negate an argument by showing a positive of another argument. Why doesn't ripple experience this problem? exactly the point I was trying to make, that this is not a logical argument. X will be useful in (t + ?) so I will do X now. That does not make sense.
  8. Hey all, Wanted to get your opinions on this article I wrote. I researched quite bit into Iota and think they have a lot of hurdles to clear before then even begin become relevant. https://steemit.com/ripple/@smartmoney/iota-and-ripple-incentives-without-a-mining-reward-the-case-of-the-chicken-and-the-egg