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  1. Yes It start with these words: shsV
  2. Yes I have secret key but my secret key is 32 character one line I try use XUMM but it need other type of secret code that I don't have ! I am confused ! I start XUMM on my phone then click on "Add account" then chose import an account and then I click on Full Access on the next page I see 3 Options: 1- Secret Number 2- Familiy Seed 3-Mnmonic none of them are not match with my secret code!
  3. kermanfx@gmail.com is my email can I transfer money with Old RippEx Desktop wallet?
  4. I use this link : https://toastwallet.github.io/browser/ for ToastWallet I used my long words as I told Start with these characters: a28781f7{"w........... I have see that I have 20XRP here how I can transfer it to safe place for ever?! for DesktopWallet I did not found solution
  5. Dear Friends On 2017 I bought about 400 XRP and store them in my labtop desktop wallet and toast wallet and leave it ! about 6 days ago my laptop hanged ! and I reinstall my windows without format hard drive, Then I decide to open my Desktop wallet ! It will open but there is no money on it! when I searched I found that Desktop Wallet is shut down! now what should I do to recover my ripples ? So I think I have about 50 XRP on my Toaswallet too but Toast Wallet is shutdown too! I am not cryptotrader I just want hold this money in the Safe place I have Toas
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