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  1. Yea usually at critical moments the exchanges 1015 rate limit or some reason hard to login lol
  2. I think some in this thread joking lol be more that would sell for 0.99 than polling indicates
  3. I think the unprofessional exchanges and zero customer service hurts more than any regulations would.
  4. Thanks for the update John. I had a feeling they would get there.
  5. Same exact scenario brought me to crypto 4 months ago and I came to same conclusion as you.
  6. That's one thing all markets have in common. Big bankroll take little bankroll. Some things common
  7. I also believe it's the nervous reaction to August 1. xrp is my first foray into cryptos due to mainly in normal stocks but cryptos seem to over react worse than commodities even. Don't take much to move it up or down. I think we are in a good company so long term we will be lovely. Good opportunity to hold if you in low or average down if you not.
  8. To the MOON baby.. soon as we get the fork out lol
  9. What's not to like about that. Buy more bit with USD and cheaper xrp
  10. Ned my guess is something may been worked out.
  11. I know Aug 1 is date but isn't July 21 the date we should have idea which way the miners lean?
  12. Agree. Sending ID and banking getting limits raised and buying fast as can
  13. I'm at that level with you sir. I'll buy all the way down and lower my average per coin. I don't post to influence anyone else. We all know longterm it's good risk
  14. FACTS 100. Good time to work on getting weekly limits raised
  15. Stonecutter I would take anything on Reddit or 4chan type sites with pinch of salt bro
  16. I think the fork drop will occur in couple weeks. Don't think this drop is it. I think in end will be false like y2k scare was and then after bounce off the floor. I'm just adding zeros long myself
  17. Look at it as buying opportunity as able to get exchange limits raised lol hardest part for me in cryptos was getting verified lol
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