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  1. Meanwhile he keeps repeating how bad bitcoin is for the environment. This guy really needs to get his shit together.
  2. Imo, he knew he was liying when he said that and he was just taking advantage of xrp buyers. Btw, he said 2018, not 2019. It is almost 2021 and no sign of banks using xrp anytime soon. Why don’t we make a list of wrong predictions and false statements?
  3. Who thinks it can remain at 20 cents or go even lower in the next 5 years?
  4. ODL is not dead because it was never alive..
  5. Good to see that there are people here interested in learning. I am willing to share my knowledge and discuss as long as I am not attacked every time I question Ripple's narrative or strategy.
  6. You can do atomic swaps between Bitcoin and Litecoin without wrapping anything. An atomic swap between 2 chains means that if I hold coins in chain A and you hold coins in chain B, we can swap our coins so now you hold the coins in A and I hold the coins in B and in a trustless and atomic way.
  7. You may be right but basically you just described what Ripple claims xrp is good at, a bridge asset between CDBCs on its own chain. Ding ding ding! Note: you don’t need always something like polkadot or cosmos. Atomic swaps have existed for a long time even though they are not working on all chains at the moment.
  8. Great, but that has nothing to do with xrp being a good 'bridge' asset or not. You admitted that with native CDBCs the bridge asset use case makes no sense. Btw, if I have to choose a crypto as a scarce and censorship resistant asset, it wouldn’t be xrp.
  9. All of them are "very transparent" when they are caught, my friend. Believe me, they keep selling every day even though they speak loud about currencies getting weaker. What confidence that gives us? The day that Brad, Chris, DS or any of the others start buying instead of selling XRP then we can be bullish. Meanwhile, other cryptos, let's say Bitcoin, are being accumulated by big investors and companies, and it's changing opinnions from previously skeptical people.
  10. Does he mention anything about his derisk estrategy by selling his XRP for a few cents? What can you believe for someone whose avatar is a pirate... So much hipocresy from Ripple team..
  11. Si, lo vi pero por alguna razón se me actualizó hoy mismo a la 1.5.5. ¿Hay una versión mínima para usarlo con xrptoolkit? ¿A alguien más le ha salido este error y lo ha resuelto actualizando a una versión posterior a la mía? Saludos
  12. When I try to connect my ledger nano s to xrptoolkit it says that he version of my ledger nano is too old. Anyone having this issue? The firmware version on my nano is 1.5.5.
  13. When I try to connect my ledger nano s to xrptoolkit it says that he version of my ledger nano is too old. Anyone having this issue? The firmware version on my nano is 1.5.5.
  14. Not all CBDCs are liabilities. I am talking about native blockchain-based digital currencies. When they are issued by central banks (not banks) they don't need to be backed by any money in a bank account as tether, they are money (native assets), not tokenized money. This is the type of digital currencies for which transactions in a ledger will mean instant and final settlement, and won't need a bridge asset as xrp.
  15. Same here, for better or worse. If they move and nothing changes in regards to adoption it will demonstrate that the problem is not regulation and will see what other reasons Ripple comes up with.
  16. I don’t see why. I am sure they prefer to see their cbdc traded in a decentralized exchange than seeing Tether or any other private stablecoin. It will also give them more security that no private company intercepts and cancel their transaction. Anyways, decentralized or centralized exchanges, you don't need xrp to jump from one cbdc to another cbdc. Obviously, I am not the only one who sees this and that's why there is 0 adoption among institutions not getting paid to use xrp.
  17. It doesn't matter. With digital assets you can do as many swaps in the same transaction as needed for basically the same cost and instantly. So if you want to buy EUR with CHF being this an iliquid market you could swap CHF for USD and then USD for EUR in the same transaction by using multiple pools and multiple exchanges. You could say that USD is the bridge asset in that example but it could be anything. You do not need XRP for this. And when we are talking about digital currencies issued by central banks these transactions represent real and instant settlement.
  18. A bridge between CDBCs? That's probably the worst and most absurd use case I have ever heard. Why would you need a bridge asset between digital assets when you can instantly exchange one for another in one or multiple decentralized exchanges in real time. What you need is an aggregated pool (sum of all pools) with enough liquidity, not a bridge asset. How long until Ripple switches to a different use case? Accepting bets!
  19. No big company such as PayPal, Microestrategy or Square are gonna touch a cryptocurrency for which 40-50% of total supply is under the control of a single entity. It would be a dangerous move. If Ripple really wants xrp to be adopted they first need to make sure xrp is decentralized enough. Burn it or die.
  20. Japan? Isn’t Japan where 30-40 banks were gonna be using XRP by 2018? Where are they now? Brad should just shut up. He looks like a whining child with these threats to the US. Desperate move...
  21. Kind of disrecpectul for the rest of employees to name 'key people' only those 6 there, don't you think? Being less visible doesn't make them less important or key.
  22. On the contrary, XRP has been very successful in its main use case as a funding mechanism for Ripple and for the founders to become very rich. Btw, the non profit foundation and Ripple holding almost half of the supply makes no sense at all. We know who controls the network and the supply. Creating this foundation won't make it more decentralized if that is what Ripple is trying to achieve or make us believe.
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