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  1. He wouldn't be short if he had the opportunity to sell but he decided to hold. However, he keeps selling as much as he can. That is SHORT.
  2. Jed knows more than you and I and he is selling. He, "contrary to Brad", is short on xrp.
  3. This is the same argument, stupid from by point of view, that Brad always brings up. Centralization in one country (if that is even true) is infinitely better than centralization in one company. Ripple has never been able to (or has never wanted to) address this issue after so many years. Ey, but Brad is long on btc (as well as xrp...)
  4. Thank you @karlosfor the warning point. Are there warning points for excesive and dangerous shilling too? That would have saved many from heavy bags... Censhorship in an open blockchain forum is not what we need
  5. Most lawyers are mercenaries. They will defend whoever pays more, aka Ripple
  6. Brad, is that you? Either it is you or someone who gets paid by him. Wtf is wrong with you people???
  7. Doesn't he have anything to say about his beloved BG? Trying to pump xrp price? Embarrasing
  8. What do you think other institutions think about BG, CL and the company that supports them? Exactly the same that many of us think about them. They aren't trustworthy (avoiding even worse adjetives). Companies are not gonna touch Ripple with a ten-foot pole unless many things change and maybe it is already too late for that. I am sure they are losing all customers as we speak.
  9. You cannot use it to transfer value if it doesn't have any value. Xrp is going to 0 and Ripple will continue working on xCurrent.
  10. 8 years is not enough? Ripple has had plenty of time and they dont have a real plan yet? Sad
  11. Price is kept stable for and by institutions so they can sell before it crashes. Remember they bought cheaper, I believe around 20 cents. Once they are out xrp is going to 0.
  12. Remember that he had insider info when selling.
  13. Who said neutral? I said they are in the opposite side.
  14. I would recommend to watch videos from those who are not plain xrp shiller or even in the opposite side. For example, I found very interesting the recent interview by Laura Shin in regards to the Ripple lawsuit: https://go.ivoox.com/rf/64111475
  15. Yes, he sold the xrp he bought but with insider info like all of them. And I still remember his price predictions, his 2 "coming soon" household names, his "banks can't wait",... Pump and dump
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