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  1. Here it comes the xrparmy... How many of you get paid by Ripple or their employees? Haha
  2. Electric cars have potential. Companies who invest in developing electric cars will probably do well in the next decade, Does that translate in higher prices for electric cars? Obviously not. Again, you have nothing. Not worth it to debate with someone selling hype. Spend your last hours of 2019 drinking cheap wine bought with your cheap xrp.
  3. I work with blockchain and digital assets every day, of course I know the potential. That doesn’t mean anything. Do you have numbers that support your estatement? Do you have a realistic model that translates Ripple and XRP usage and success into price estimation? Sorry, but you just sound like youtubers and clickbait videos. Give me something real and we can debate.
  4. Based on what? Brad's words? Ripple has been saying the same lies for the past 2 years. Don’t believe what they say, their fortunes and future depends on it. If and only if Ripple starts sharing the real numbers, roadmap, goals and xrp price models (I am sure they have and they must be not very positive based on their actions - derisking and other employees leaving the company) I might change my perception.
  5. This is so "funny" : Poor guys, they have to sell XRP because there is no other way to distribute it. XRP is not recovering from where it is now and these guys know it.
  6. Believe me, he won't answer, and if he does he will come with some bullshit about rails being built or lack of regulations. Banks were gonna use XRP in 2018, 2019 and now 2020. There will be always excuses and delays. He is rich by dumping XRP on retail, just like Brad or Larson. Don’t believe what anyone working at Ripple says. Ripple is distancing from XRP and at some point it will just vanish. All that money they are raising is for paying their lawyers. Btw, I haven't followed this site for the past 4 months because of toxic behaviour against critic voices.
  7. XRPage

    Ripple is not XRP

    Mods said it, no personal attacks. You are constantly doing just that.
  8. XRPage

    Ripple is not XRP

    Mods? @xrphilosophy @karlos
  9. Thanks, @xrphilosophy. I happily received my warning, I will wear it with honour. Although, It won't make me praise Ripple for everything they do or xrpchat members who continuosly shill (paid or not) even with flat-out lies.
  10. Can't market makers work with fiat instead of digital assets? I see the value of digital assets when there is no need to exchange for fiat and banks hold accounts denominated in these digital assets.
  11. Does it need to mention "Ripple"? I don’t think it should mention or give a special treatment to anyone. Maybe just: "disrespect, flaming or insulting other members or others in general". Just to be clear, does this "others in general" include people from outside of xrp ecosystem? No need to be disrespectful to people outside of this community. Great job, Karlos!
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