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  1. XRPage

    Ripple is not XRP

    Mods said it, no personal attacks. You are constantly doing just that.
  2. XRPage

    Ripple is not XRP

    Mods? @xrphilosophy @karlos
  3. Thanks, @xrphilosophy. I happily received my warning, I will wear it with honour. Although, It won't make me praise Ripple for everything they do or xrpchat members who continuosly shill (paid or not) even with flat-out lies.
  4. Can't market makers work with fiat instead of digital assets? I see the value of digital assets when there is no need to exchange for fiat and banks hold accounts denominated in these digital assets.
  5. Does it need to mention "Ripple"? I don’t think it should mention or give a special treatment to anyone. Maybe just: "disrespect, flaming or insulting other members or others in general". Just to be clear, does this "others in general" include people from outside of xrp ecosystem? No need to be disrespectful to people outside of this community. Great job, Karlos!
  6. Not sure if this has been discussed. Galgitron shared the updated graph: All medium and large payments have decreased a lot in the last few weeks. Any idea what could be the reason? Holidays? Pilots completed? Unhappy customers? Decrease in XRP sales by Ripple?
  7. No personal attack at all. Isn’t what I said about your price target true? If you "forgot" just search through your posts history and next time please keep your F***ing caps lock off.
  8. R3 is involved in many projects and different sectors other than finance and payments: I don’t think Ripple is interested on spending time and resources on all that. Could Ripple become an investor/partner? For sure. What the terms could be? Who knows. Corda can already use XRP through the CordaSettler. Only thing that is missing is integration with xCurrent/xRapid.
  9. I wish it is true they are listening to the xrp community but I think these tweets are a reaction to scared investors of Ripple public view after so much "fud" aka critical media.
  10. Are you just a retail hodler? Your response could be perfectly coming from Ripple, hidden behind an anonymous account. But if you are really a retail hodler, which I doubt, I am no longer surprised why Ripple won't ever address concerns and fix issues. We, as xrp holders must defend our interests, not Ripple investors'. These investors don't care wether the profits come from xCurrent, xRapid or XRP sales.
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