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  1. It doesn't matter. With digital assets you can do as many swaps in the same transaction as needed for basically the same cost and instantly. So if you want to buy EUR with CHF being this an iliquid market you could swap CHF for USD and then USD for EUR in the same transaction by using multiple pools and multiple exchanges. You could say that USD is the bridge asset in that example but it could be anything. You do not need XRP for this. And when we are talking about digital currencies issued by central banks these transactions represent real and instant settlement.
  2. A bridge between CDBCs? That's probably the worst and most absurd use case I have ever heard. Why would you need a bridge asset between digital assets when you can instantly exchange one for another in one or multiple decentralized exchanges in real time. What you need is an aggregated pool (sum of all pools) with enough liquidity, not a bridge asset. How long until Ripple switches to a different use case? Accepting bets!
  3. No big company such as PayPal, Microestrategy or Square are gonna touch a cryptocurrency for which 40-50% of total supply is under the control of a single entity. It would be a dangerous move. If Ripple really wants xrp to be adopted they first need to make sure xrp is decentralized enough. Burn it or die.
  4. Japan? Isn’t Japan where 30-40 banks were gonna be using XRP by 2018? Where are they now? Brad should just shut up. He looks like a whining child with these threats to the US. Desperate move...
  5. Kind of disrecpectul for the rest of employees to name 'key people' only those 6 there, don't you think? Being less visible doesn't make them less important or key.
  6. On the contrary, XRP has been very successful in its main use case as a funding mechanism for Ripple and for the founders to become very rich. Btw, the non profit foundation and Ripple holding almost half of the supply makes no sense at all. We know who controls the network and the supply. Creating this foundation won't make it more decentralized if that is what Ripple is trying to achieve or make us believe.
  7. Talking to paid shill is a waste of time (and money). Btw, no one asked you or made you reply to the comments you don’t like. I guess you cannot resist and you need the ignore list.
  8. It's okay Brad but first thing first, please go have some treatment for your compulsive liar syndrome. I knew it was you or one of the shills we have had here before (do you remember Hodor? Where is he now? Maybe it is you too...). Look, I don’t mean to be rude but I prefer to hear to honest truth and cut the bs. Ripple (and its shills) keeps pushing timelines further and further and further and shows 0 empathy. I will do the same.
  9. Oh, I forgot "plumbing", new bs word of the year. Plumbing here, plumbing there, plumbing nowhere. No plumbing my friend, this is the internet and has been working for decades. #stopthebullshit
  10. Bla bla bla regulations, bla bla bla payment rails, bla bla bla Brad's optimism, bla bla bla NDAs. All those unknowns can be for good or for bad. Yeah sure, they may have now 1000 customers or maybe 0. Who knows. For me, no news is bad news.
  11. Sure. How much are you getting paid? Just curious. Are you JK? BG? Come on, don't be shy...
  12. You know who the half paid crew is when they start writing posts like the 2 above. Please make it less obvious.
  13. Sorry but this does not make sense. Of course that time counts. In 2017 they had a working product and they were marketing it by giving statements that haven't come true (i now think they were basically lying to make xrp more appealing by pretending it was about to reach mass adoption among institutions and banks, aka creating fomo). Meanwhile they were emptying their own bags. What progress have they shown since then? Zero. No banks, same number of institutions, no price increase, nothing. Xrp is an almost infinite funding machine to pay 300 employees doing what? And yet they raise mone
  14. Agree. Bloggers and bots are cheaper than real profitable bussinesses with revenue. I bought xrp in 2017 and holding since then. Not planing to buy any more XRPs. We have given them enough credit and time. It is time for Ripple and Mr. Garlinghouse to show results. We have had enough tweets about politics, equality, shitty podcasts with JK and other subjects...
  15. Calm down. I agree she may be refering to PoW systems there but as far as I know RTGS is as energy-efficient as RippleNet (probably more efficient as it is cloud-based and participants don't keep a copy of the registry/database/ledger). No mention of Ripple or XRP anywhere. Brad again doing Brad-things.
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