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  1. Main difference: banks won't make profit from Libra, indeed it will eat banks' lunch. Libra will create a huge ecosystem, basically its own internet and all that will happen within the ecosystem and without touching banks. Buying groceries, watching a movie, games, etc. Anything you can do today on the internet. If Libra eventually launches it is gameover.
  2. Yeah, the attitude of someone only used to praise and likes. When things get a bit rough then he leaves. Is this the attitude of someone saying that people should question things...? Lol
  3. So deep and insightfull... With all the questions and concerns in this chat and out there this is all we get
  4. Sadly, this looks more real everyday. Paid partners, not real usage of xrp, paralel bussiness model with xcurrent vs xrapid,... It seems to me thar xrp is just a way to raise money without having any obligation to xrp holders. This might end up really badly if things don't change drastically. Have we been blind all this time?
  5. You ask for sources. I give you sources.. You call me loser. Grow up retarded.
  6. This theory makes sense but it would be price manipulation and the opposite Brad, JK and other employees have stated so many times. If they wanna get rid of their bags to avoid becoming a target i would accept a few millions no problem just as a favour haha.
  7. "study of 200 blockchain projects by HfS found that only 5 to 10 percent of blockchain pilots were progressing to production". https://walton.uark.edu/enterprise/downloads/blockchain/LacityBlockchainsExplained.pdf Now shut up and stop talking about things you don't know about.
  8. Well, we know it is not true as they admitted later on. We'll see about the dozens in 2019. He shouldn’t make these statements until it is signed and confirmed. I hope they have learnt the lesson.
  9. We have to assume one bank using xrp by end of 2018 because Brad said so.
  10. So you are saying they don't need transparency? Why are they claiming they are then (even though it is not true)? Running an ICO like Ripple is doing will be considered as going public in an IPO, just give it time and see.
  11. Brad and other employees have critized many times ICOs and yet they are running the longest ICOs by selling XRP to raise funds. They must show transparency in xrp holdings and sells. How, When and To they are sellings just as any public company have to.
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