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  1. So it seems banks are willing to use cryptocurrencies but not XRP. Brad, we are waiting for those dozens of banks...
  2. https://cointelegraph.com/news/six-global-banks-sign-up-to-issue-stablecoins-on-ibms-now-live-blockchain-network
  3. AlvaroXRP

    Hi! I'm Bob

    I have the feeling that there are/were very smart people with a lot of knowledge at Ripple but no one really knows where XRP is going....
  4. "AWS not safe enough". Just lol...
  5. If he thinks that, why isn't he buying all XRPs on Earth? Did you guys receive an offer from him?
  6. People thinking in $50 while xrp has the same price it had 21 months ago...
  7. Repeatinh the same arguments in several places don't make them more true. And again, if you are so worried about the planet then don't turn on any electrical devices, don't ride any fuel powered vehicles, use recicled water only and plant more trees...
  8. Well said. Energy spent securing a public network now is not as important as energy used for Christmas lights or watching TV shows... Lets all turn off our TVs, heatings and air conditioning to save the planet
  9. Forex market is the largest in volume and liquidity and yet currencies are pretty stable, right? Volume doesnt mean anything unless it is all buy orders.
  10. It would be awesome but this is misleading. It doesn't say that profit rights attached is a requirement to be considered a security.
  11. If it was so easy and clear it would be public already. Seriously, some people here think they know more than swift and ripple managing teams. We dont even know 1% of this bussiness and yet we are bold enough to say the partnership is beneficial for both parties. Just lol...
  12. Why do people like to speculate over the same thing again and again just to be dissapointed later on? Wait, 'massochism', that is the word...
  13. I know, I was there haha. I don't know what caused that spike and I also don't know if we will see something like that again...
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