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  1. AlvaroXRP

    XRP deemed not a security in Europe...

    It would be awesome but this is misleading. It doesn't say that profit rights attached is a requirement to be considered a security.
  2. If it was so easy and clear it would be public already. Seriously, some people here think they know more than swift and ripple managing teams. We dont even know 1% of this bussiness and yet we are bold enough to say the partnership is beneficial for both parties. Just lol...
  3. Why do people like to speculate over the same thing again and again just to be dissapointed later on? Wait, 'massochism', that is the word...
  4. AlvaroXRP

    New EOY 2019 predictions

    I know, I was there haha. I don't know what caused that spike and I also don't know if we will see something like that again...
  5. AlvaroXRP

    New EOY 2019 predictions

    I try to keep my expectations low just in case
  6. AlvaroXRP

    New EOY 2019 predictions

    Kinda worrying that 50% of voters expect XRP price to increase by at least 15x in one year...
  7. Ripple has said many times that they wanted a steady growth in price of XRP. Obviously this has not been accomplished: We'll see in 2019....
  8. AlvaroXRP

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    Completely agreed. Or even better, don't say anything in the first place, specially if you are the CEO...
  9. First he corrected himself and said they were credit unions. Later he used it to justify the major bank statement... Seriously, he should be careful with these statements,he is the CEO... What happens with the dozens next year now?
  10. Same every year. If he keeps pushing off his predictions...
  11. AlvaroXRP

    Is Ripple buying Swift?

    SWIFT is way more than just payments an it is not going away any time soon. People should research before saying no sense. Take a look what its messaging system is used for: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/SWIFT_message_types
  12. AlvaroXRP

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    These riddles were even fun at some point but it is starting to be too much. And now praising youtubers... If BG has something to say, just say it, otherwise...