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  1. Yeah I got both what you guys meant. It’s a little bit confusing for me as a non English speaker. But thanks for both of you for the explanation . (I didn’t know Bill and William can be the same guy.)
  2. Did I miss something. The SEC guy who claimed ETH not being a security is William Hinman. And is this Bill Hinman somehow related with him?
  3. Yes! I sent some SGB to this wallet and planned to do some tests on FLARE finance. Thank you!
  4. DONE! thank you! I have a small amount of balance already. Don’t know where did that come from
  5. Does anyone know what’s the problem of this? I copied and pasted this address from https://songbird-explorer.flare.network/token/0x72D932019AE098A6368E6676E16169D112E7720A/token-transfers This is the adrress I used on my Bifrost wallet and no problem like this then. Do you folks know how to solve this? Thank you in advance!
  6. This is very noticeable to me. Among so many customers of ripple, Ripple only named these three on their flier. I’m not sure if these are the only 3 banks who link Ripple with ISO20022. I try to search more information on the partnership between Ripple and Santander. Santander then (in 2020) launched a product naming “One Pay FX” which using X-current I think. The vision of this product then was very promising but not much news about this product in 2021. Btw Ripple is one of the 37 delegates of RMG of ISO. https://www.iso20022.org/registration-management-group-member-list Don’t know if this is due to three banks running on Ripplenet. ISO20022 is huge, but how huge will this be for XRP? This is a very interesting topic. Looking forward to see more folks offer their insights.
  7. Correlation between Bitcoin and other asset classes is relatively lower. But looks like they are still correlated.
  8. ppl are likely to see their EXFI on/before this Friday
  9. IMHO, human being had a very long history of suffering from centralization. The drawbacks of decentralization is yet to be found. I’m not from the US and I personally don’t think democracy is for everybody on this planet. I could be wrong.
  10. Brian this question is irritating because you have completely misunderstood what I meant. Plus this is off this topic. And NO. I'm not upset with them burning their EXFI. Since you have been very helpful in this forum since I join here. I respect you and am willing to spend another 5 minutes to make myself clearer. I don't think I'm fit to decide either. This doesn't mean I don't have the right to ask and know about what's going on. There are so many ‘“idiots” because they don't know enough, don't bother to ask and complains whenever things don't go the way they want. This topic by Tulo is a very good opportunity for the community to learn more about Flare. Why attack people who ask questions? Idiots will never grow smarter without questions being answered. BTW, what is DAO?
  11. Thank you, that's interesting. So how can the community dissolve the Foundation’s decision? I agree and that's not what I meant.
  12. And who is taking control of flare foundation? Who made the decision to burn the exfi the flare foundation will receive? Who made the decision that flare foundation cannot delegate to FTSOs? Can Hugo Philion decide what to do the fund of this foundation?
  13. Tbh, I’m fine with both ratios. What concerned me is why they seemed to make this change in the last minute. Clearly FF wanted to surprise us with a higher ratio so they keep on updating about the ratio. Then they just released the token without announcing a ratio. What happened exactly?
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