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  1. This time it looks quite serious to me. People in China can no longer access crypto website even like coinmarktcap…
  2. I fully understand this part. But: 1. I did not know that I will not be given my key when my exchange decided to support FLR 2. I did not know I will not be given my key when I clicked the “claim” button on the exchange. @joe91just mentioned that my exchange did state they will distribute FLR in the form of IOU which I think most ppl cannot tell the difference. I could blame myself and I already have. But let’s think about it this way. I live in a condo and a company called saying they have a gift flower sent to me now while I’m working. I could go back and collect my gift but at this moment the property management kindly told me they will collect the gift for me. Instead of putting the flower in my mailbox they decided to put the flower in their office. The company later decide they will send another grass to where the flower were sent. And then my property management owns the grass? Maybe, I’m just not so sure. I know it’s a ridiculous analogy. I could be wrong. And ppl could say it’s crypto, it’s different. You have to get used to it. Look at the price of XRP. It’s not a happy day for me. I will temporarily leave this matter and just wait. I do learn more things I didn’t know from this thread. Thank you all for contributing to this post.
  3. I totally agree and thank you for your insight. I never think about it this way. People who bought an considerable amount of any coin in the early stage have made a fortune now even though they don’t know anything about the crypto. I agree with you that the exchange might have no legal obligation to support SGB. But legally who are these SGB belong to? If there is no specific law to protect the exchange users on this airdrop thing, there is no law to protect the exchange either. (Maybe I’m wrong. I am happy to learn more tho) And yes, I agree what the exchange is considering : is it worth it? Thank you again.
  4. Thank you for your explanation. I know there is no other way for the network to recognize the owner of the token FOR NOW( technology is making progress, let’s have some confidence in our dear developers) But the exchange does know who owns these tokens and if they bother to distribute them is another question. For a stock exchange, it does not have similar problem such as stock holders suddenly are dropped another stock. Exchanges are running a business. I don’t think the exchange which support SGB is purely being generous and caring about their customers. No matter I receive my SGB in the end or not, I still feel in order for these crypto exchange to become really serious business, they need to consider how to properly address these unique issues and I NEVER said the exchange users should get every airdrop for free if that cost the exchange a lot. But this is out of my control. I’m just thinking.
  5. Thank you my friend. You have been very helpful. I understand your point. I know the importance of trying to avoid exceptions. But my point here is there are going to be things like this in the future (IMO) as well. Is there truly no other way to address this issue than the users get airdrop for free if the exchange supports it and others get nothing if their exchange does not? Do users have to learn about how the crypto works in such a hard way and in such a large scale? BTW given that most exchanges haven’t posted their statement about SGB, it is better for users just to express their concern and let exchanges do their job. Actually these exchanges are considering this IMHO:
  6. No one need to be lectured by your mean words. They are not helpful either. If you didn’t comment in the topic I created, I don’t even bother to respond either. It’s a free world. Comment whatever you want. My conversation with you ends here. Good luck with your future. May you be treated the same way when you are asking help or suggestions somewhere else. I migrated my wallet from Ripple trade to Gatehub in 2015. Did they have terms and conditions regarding this type of airdrop? I can’t remember or I didn’t really understand how it works then. Not my keys? Why my keys were not given to me when I claimed my FLR. Because I used Gatehub’s built in method and they decided not to give my keys. But I will still get my FLR eventhough I don’t have my keys. With so many clueless users participating in airdrops, I would say a disclaimer will be much better.
  7. I agree with you on this part. But I will still be grateful because I might receive two types of tokens from them. They are not perfect but they did their best. This is very biased and I feel pretty offended. 1. I never plan to dump my SGB once I received them. I have hold my XRP for a very long time. 2. I understand the situation of the exchange and I’ll wait until an official statement comes out. 3. There ARE exchanges who support SGB. What makes these exchanges look better than the exchanges who decided to make the extra effort to address the issues of their customers? Because they decided to avoid some cost and trouble? 4.Even though I didn’t plan to sell SGB if I received them, I don’t have a problem of the others selling these tokens. There are “dumps” because there are willing buyers. And these buyers will likely get a decent price. In addition if these tokens were not in the exchange users’ hands, who can stop the exchange from dumping the tokens? IMHO, it’s not for the exchange to decide their customers don’t deserve these SGB because all they want to do is to sell the tokens they receive. They don’t have that right I think.
  8. Binance is founded by ZHAO C.P. who is a Chinese. I know it’s weird, but the customer service of TAOBAO (the Amazon of China) always call their customers “dear”. I doubt about it. No law has confirmed that it would be against the law to not to distribute the tokens to their customers. But neither does the law say it’s ok for these exchanges to keep these tokens they received on behalf of their customers to themselves. Maybe a lawsuit or many lawsuits will give this area some clarity.
  9. Some unhappy exchange users have been posting their conversation with the exchanges on Twitter.
  10. Thanks Brian. I understand that the exchanges have to draw a line so that they don't have to deal with every coin that is airdroped on them. But I do have a problem with the following issues: 1. What some of these exchanges are doing looks quite condesceding. They could set some restrictions such as charging some extra fees if their customers do want a certain airdrop to be sent to their individual account. But after some many customers requesting them to support SGB, they still decided to ignore these requests. If that's the way they do business in crypto, these trading platform are not as revolutionary as I think they are (IMO) what do I know? 2. Is it legal to do whatever they want with the SGB they received on behalf of me? I’m not sure. Is it legal if they sell my SGB? Well it looks quite illegal to me. 3. If there are so few exchanges distributing SGB to their costumers, will SGB have enough liquidity to thrive? 4. KUSAMA is trading at the price of 400+ now. I’m tired of worrying about the exchange will not support my airdrops. Moving tokens out of these exchanges looks a smart move to me now.
  11. This explaination does not make enough sense to me. Because they will receive your SGB. If they don’t send your SGB to you, what are they going to do with them? If the price of SGB do soar one day, will they sell these tokens? Will their customers peacefully accept the fact that these exchanges will make profits from the SGB they received on behalf of their customer but their customers will have nothing to do with it?
  12. Thank you, that’s very helpful. I claimed my spark on Gatehub. At least so know next time that I have another option.
  13. Here is my update: I emailed Gatehub because I recalled I was told in this forum that my XRPL wallet is a self custody wallet. So I asked them do I still need to wait for them to decide if they will participate in the distribution if my wallet is a sulf custody wallet. But they responded like a robot saying we haven't got any news of this matter blah blah... The first two letters of my flare wallet are the same as that of my ether wallet. So I guess they are the same type. I could not remember precisely but both of them start with “rh”? I don't think I was given any key when I claimed my spark token That’s the tricky part. Or I didn't save it when Inwas given the key, which sounds very disastrous… Bitstamp is very likely to participate the SGB distribution.
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