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  1. The only thing stored is your root key, wich is made readable as a 24 word seed. Out of this key, it can calculate your private key to your corresponding wallet.
  2. You reminded me of someone.... https://i.ytimg.com/vi/qtq-hsNI0P0/maxresdefault.jpg
  3. If they don't adopt, i see companies like mastercard, paypal, google etc taking a large chump of the banking world. Lower cost, faster transactions etc. Banks will crumble and a whole new generation of banks will be born. Offcourse, only if banks stick with the slow swift system.
  4. They have been selling and will continue to sell to FI's at the same pace. Ripple mentioned 300m xrp per month as an average. The 1b released per month will not affect the rate they are goin in any way. Unless ripple and xrp gets a massive boom and a sudden wide adoption. In that case, institutions will have to either line up to buy XRP directly from ripple, or buy from exchanges. If they chose to buy from exchanges, then Ripple has succeeded.
  5. They don't sell to the open market, they sell to financial institution and such. With contracts, they limit these institutions from dumping on the open market. Thats the revenue stream Ripple has from xrp. They are VC funded, they do not need to sell off xrp, but they offcourse cant give xrp for free to FI's either. Ripple has been selling xrp and we have not noticed anything, only the increasing number of supply. Don't let the FUDsters misinform you, every single XRP ripple sells, goes to institutions that are not in the game for overnight profits. You can see these institution as massive hodlers. They are also contract locked. People are afraid of ripple dumping xrp, prolly cause theres a load of scam coins and such. But Ripple is as legit as it can get. The only thing i was worried about was the initial distribution to the founders, but that has been dealt with. Ripple wants ILP AND XRP to succeed, we all want that. Its just a shame that that stellar guy will become the richest guy on earth, oh well, cant take money into your grave anyways. And IRS will be happy aswell, aaah look at the bright side!
  6. DEFINE the above please, i'm chinese i don't understand what you mean with "Zero movements"
  7. Last 25 times, you typed "dl" 20x. I prefer the "dl" tbh, in my mind, it has almost become a trademark for your writings, love it.
  8. Thanks for the report! Do you automaticly type it backwords, or do you crtl-f them to switch?
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