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  1. Let's hope that stupid amount is worth the patience of all XRP holders. Since we really don't know when these regulations (if at all this situation happens) will come in to effect. Regulations (if at all they come) might come when XRP is at less than a dollar, 10 dollars, 100 dollars (if at all it goes that high) Staying optimistic here, but if regulations come that prohibit Retail from keeping XRP, then we don't really know at what XRP value will they come.
  2. At the end of the video, he does mention though - How XRP will be only accessible/available for top rick folks - banks, accredited investors. This is the part that concerns me a bit. Because if that happens, it may not be just for new retails customers not being able to buy XRP but existing Customers as well on whether they will be allowed to hold XRP. No retail would mean No retail. (Old and New Customers) Chances of this happening might be very very slim, but it still might be a thin possibility.
  3. For the Flare finance , which will happen in future, it's going to take a snapshot of existing Flare tokens Wondering, how many people will convert everything (other coins) to Flare (just for the period when the snapshot occurs. To get the free airdrop), and then re-convert back flare to other coins, soon after the snapshot is completed.
  4. That's comforting and makes sense. Thanks. Yeah I am not too concerned about how banks use it.
  5. Wanted to hear other's thoughts around this - We keep hearing that XRP is meant for institutional use - Banks, FII's. If that's the case, then could it be a possibility that retail investors are forced to sell/not hold their current XRP holdings at some point in future? What's the likelihood of this happening?
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