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  1. I have been doing exactly that. I am about to look for legal advice. I’ve heard people saying to contact a lawyer and write a ‘letter of demand’ Gonna have to research my options more. But you’re right this is happening to a lot of people!
  2. What is API? But no I didn’t use a bot. Bitrues twitter said that you should at least be allowed to withdraw your principal.. even though I had no idea what I was doing was wrong and they could have easily gave me an example when I asked them multiple times.. I didn’t make 55k+ worth Bitrue literally set people up for this. They planned for this to exactly happen. Seriously their whole Telegram has ppl asking why they are frozen. And now Bitrue just announced a 20% interest on USDT?! How!!?
  3. If you guys go to bitrues telegram it is so bad there are hundreds (not even joking) of people asking why they have their account frozen. Keep in mind Bitrues telegram mods are removing people from the group that ‘complain’ or question what is going on (I got removed and had to use a friends phone number to make another acc to re-join)
  4. I had no idea what n-degree arbitrage is, that’s why I asked the zendesk multiple times but was given no response. I had looked up what Bitrue said it was on their Twitter and I have not done that I asked and got a response from a Bitrue mod on their telegram.. and again I haven’t done that.. 55+k stuck as I was told I’m banned apparently. All of my FLR and from the Snapchat is on Bitrue.
  5. I was just banned after two warnings on Bitrue for ‘N degree arbitrage trading’ at first I was told I needed to complete KYC verification to be able to withdraw.. but I’ve already been pending for 4 months. I was never given a ‘final warning’ or anything. I now have 55k that they are keeping because they won’t let me withdraw. not sure what to do!
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