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  1. Once they finish their full XRP integration you'll be able to do that. I've done it with other alts and it is very smooth and clean. No issues.
  2. I've been using Uphold for quite some time for my BTC and alts. They are fantastic. So far with XRP you can only buy it and sell it on uphold (fiat, precious metals, other cryptos). There is not currently a way to transfer XRP to or from an external wallet. However, they maintain that this feature is coming soon and on the browser version of the website a greyed out link exists to do so with the message "coming soon." (This doesn't appear in the app yet).
  3. Correct, different problem, but as I understand it all gatehub issues were moved to this thread. If I jumped in the wrong party, I apologize.
  4. Add me in guys. Coming up on 5 hours since I moved ETH into @gatehub with hopes of buying XRP with it... now price is rising and gatehub unreachable as usual
  5. Fine for me too. I've had that issue with Chrome in the past. Firefox and Edge seem fine.
  6. Gotta say I'm a little bit disappointed in the sarcastic snarky responses the OP has gotten from some. All he is asking is if someone has done research he can't find/isn't aware of with any type of long term price predictions. While it may be impossible to research such a thing, it is still a legitimate question, especially for a new investor. At the very least it's a fun question and part of why most of us (I would assume) are here... We're "speculating" based on the value and utility we believe XRP has. OP has obviously invested in XRP, and that means we should all say "thank you." That investment (along with many others, obviously) likely fortified the price of the asset so many of us are enjoying gains on right now, so let's not be jerks. XRP Chat has been one of the very best communities in digital assets/crypto. Let's not ruin it. As for my take on the price, no formula for me other than paying attention to what more seasoned investors and traders have to say about where XRP is headed. More and more these days a $100+ value seems attainable.
  7. I missed this post too. Hope similar projects will be offered at some point in the future. Thanks for offering it.
  8. I don't know how I missed this. I feel dumb. Thanks for posting!
  9. I appreciate you providing the info on your last post, but after receiving daily deposits from fmm they have all but dried up recently. I'm now at 18 days since the last fmm payout came my way. Is it possible something isn't working? I've tried emailing support in the past and never get a response.
  10. Okay so I should be fine. I haven't made any exchanges of coin types or withdrawls. I'm a hodler too.
  11. I was under the impression I didn't need to report anything until I convert to USD. Is that the general consensus or am I wrong?
  12. Same for me. I have sent multiple emails to them. At one time even wanted to buy more fmm but no replies.
  13. Just curious if anyone else has had the same experience. I used to receive daily deposits based on the FMM I bought a while back (a year ago? maybe two?). 16 days ago it stopped. Then one deposit again 8 days ago, and nothing since. Anyone have any info? Bummed if I can't recover my investment in FMM.
  14. I sent an email today to the RippleFox support address listed on their website (you may have tried this already) asking about this topic. If I get a reply I'll make sure to post it here.
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