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  1. you are correct on the placeholders this is the rest [node_size] medium [ledger_history] full [node_db] type=RocksDB path=/opt/ripple/data open_files=2000 filter_bits=12 cache_mb=256 file_size_mb=8 file_size_mult=2 advisory_delete=0 [shard_db] path=/opt/ripple/data/db/shards/nudb max_size_gb=500 [database_path] /opt/ripple/data [debug_logfile] /opt/ripple/data/debug.log [sntp_servers] # time.windows.com time.apple.com time.nist.gov # pool.ntp.org [validators_file] validators.txt [rpc_startup] { "command": "log_level", "severity": "info" } [ssl_verify] 1 # this needs to remain the end of the file because the list of peers is appended during build time [ips_fixed]
  2. Here are my ports from the config. They appear to be straight forward. [port_rpc_http] port = 5005 ip = protocol = http user = ${RPCUSER} password = ${RPCPASS} [port_peer] port = 51235 ip = protocol = peer [port_websocket] port = 5006 protocol = ws ip = permessage_deflate = false do you see anything off here?
  3. I upgraded my node from 1.7.0 to 1.7.2 does not seem to start: | 2021-Jun-04 01:21:42.802957227 UTC LedgerConsensus:NFO Consensus mode change before=observing, after=observing │ │ 2021-Jun-04 01:21:42.802973229 UTC JobQueue:DBG addRefCountedJob : Adding job : reportConsensusStateChange->pubConsensus : 9 │ │ 2021-Jun-04 01:21:42.802990878 UTC NetworkOPs:DBG Initiating consensus engine │ │ 2021-Jun-04 01:21:42.803147213 UTC Application:FTL Unable to setup server handler │ │ 2021-Jun-04 01:21:42.803159233 UTC Application:FTL : bad lexical cast: source type value could not be interpreted as target Any help would be appreciated
  4. I would like to do some ledger analysis, for which i need an entire ledger history. I started the full history node, but downloading ledgers is painfully slow (about 15K ledgers per day) Is there anywhere where i could download the entire ledger history in a compressed format? I can try hitting the public API endpoints, but im sure there are limits there as well Any pointers would be appreciated
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