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  1. Well i dont think like that, cause i am new in crypto and i bougth a lot at the spike as i rode about ripple. Its annoying for me cause i bought in 50% at almost 40 cents :/ Its silent since may and i wait for it coming there back again, to be calm enough
  2. ah ok, but this still doesnt give me the answer. Who should be there at money conference? i still cant find anyone. It just seems like a fake
  3. wtf? What does that mean, it seems this is not the answer we wanted to hear? still the question if he is there or not, because they still have it on the homepage of ripple event :-( What did u wrote them? Thanks for Asking there
  4. Me too, i was looking forward for hearing from new important deals or something, but as it was told, this Brad is not anymore in the Shedule, i searched for myself too
  5. Ah ok I didnt he is that involved, i dont know exactly what APAC/MENA is. Thank u
  6. Hi, found that at twitter But there is no event written at https://ripple.com/events/ and when i look at the agenda of simply payments -> http://www.simplypayments.net/#/agenda/08Jun i cant find any speaker too. What do you think?
  7. Because in some article it is written with June and in other its written with end of the year
  8. I have a question about the escrow, i dont really unterstand exactly. So Ripple puts 55billion xrps away and will (lets say) "open" 1 Billion XRP per month with beginning at january 2018 every month. Am I correct with that? My question i have, when do they put them away? In the end of 2017? or is it now with june? Thanks Greets :-)
  9. Btw, i rode your Market Conditions. More than one time, its only hard to understand everything for me, but u did a real nice job
  10. thanks for that overview! The problem i have is, why it is still droping. they did so much in few weeks. The correction should not stay at the top for sure, but also not at less than half of the top. (sorry for my broken english)
  11. Hahaha that would be fine if there is a boom coming xD
  12. Thanks for greetings. It is always calming me down, when i read some explanations of Joelkatz, or some others here. As well as bolster me up with your answers. Yesterday i had a little luck with syscoin. I came in the pump ti 9400 and could sell before the crash came. I just invested a small amount, but could double it and bought back more xrps. Today i created a twitter acoount for following ripple and events, where they gonna be. I will looking forward next month and try to watch only 4-5 times a day the forums Have a nice night =)
  13. Thanks to u all for the honest answers. I am not investing to become a millionaire oneday To much money will not make happy too haha. BUt i am here for long term aswell, cause maybe i wanna help with housebuilding or whatever when my children (15 month and not yet born (10th of june)) are adults. i rly try to think at some other things haha, than watching every day in the forums and at polo charts
  14. May i should edit, i bought my first 2 bitcoins last year in June and than forgot about it, and since 2 month i am reading about cryptos espacially ripple
  15. my personal plan was to cash out back my investment and hold the profit for long term, or a bit of my investment, cause i am going to need it middle august again. Its not a greed or something, i rly believe in ripple in the company what they are doing and what they alrdy reached. I have just to learn to be patient and dont have weak hands. (and yeah i know, only invest what i can afford to lose)
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