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  1. What's your last price for VW Polo 1996? Diesel or Benzin?
  2. Oh I see thanks and about gateways, i have BTC,Ethereum enabled, if I disable them can I spent then some XRP?
  3. I have account on Gatehub and set a deal with a buyer to sell my Ripple and I had 80 XRP total on my Wallet and it allowed me to send only 40XRP to him and couldn't send more, because it showed me an error "insufficient xrp balance to send". And when buyer tried to send my 40 XRP to me, it said same "insufficient xrp balance to send", so is there any way how to spent those funds ? Or is there any option to export my Gatehub wallet to any other wallet? Thanks
  4. Sorry guys this was a post just for you to sell more and more so I can buy more lol. Cheers
  5. Ripple 7,50 before February? It can happen in February 2020 lol
  6. I have expected Ripple to rise, but from my view on charts Ripple is gonna fall to 0.15 cent for 1 month so it can go still to 0.28 cent, but most likely is gonna go to 0.15 or 0.17 cent for 1-2 months. Probably this month of December or beginning of January 2018 Ripple is gonna go to 0.15-0.17 cent and then retrace up.
  7. I wanna buy Ripple or Bitcoin with my Skrill but couldn't find any good site to use> Any suggestion?
  8. https://coinmill.com/USD_XRP.html#XRP=5700 http://prntscr.com/fnobw5
  9. Kraken if I sell my Ripple http://prntscr.com/fnob0g
  10. on other charts is more higher, why polo has lower price of ripple
  11. Thanks for your help buddy. Here's a photo 5700 Ripple are worth of 1820$ If I sell for BTC I will get 1610$ on BTC at this moment. https://image.prntscr.com/image/EJQU3ziLQqCLZZpsyBXJMQ.png
  12. Bitstamp haven't tried yet, waiting for verification. I'm on Poloniex and the fees are like 200$ even 220$. Tried paxful, and Kraken,
  13. Im trying to exchange some of my Ripple worth of 1000$, but when I check the amount that I get is like 800$, Can anyone suggest me why I get this high cut off ? Have you had to pay 150$ or 200$ to exchange on Bitcoin?
  14. Hey guys, im using option Trade to sell BTC for XRP and I wrote the amount on field "Amount", but in the other field "Price", don't know what to type? http://prntscr.com/fetnu0
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