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  1. I'd be more worried about North Korea mining or buying bitcoin and other currencies at this point
  2. Plus for all the FIs and businesses using ripple it's in their best interest to keep the price stable as possible at some point for payments if they hold XRP, maybe not MMs though, since they want to make some money on trades and arbitrage.
  3. That's why they put selling restrictions on FIs that buy XRP, but I guess there's nothing stopping them from loading up on exchanges either. If someone or some entity wants to dump all their XRP that means they no longer have a use for it or ripple protocol, which probably means there is no more demand or use for it by anyone else or it has been replaced by something better, then that leads to them changing payment systems. I'm thinking the demand and usage of XRP on a wide scale or mass adoption would have extremely deep order books and tight spreads based on all that, it's also built into their business plan and offerings to customers, cost-savings etc. Probably not all the XRP that they own will be sold since they plan to lend it to FIs as well. So if they do establish an IoV based on ILP and XRP ledger as a global standard it probably won't go away any time soon if the global economy runs on or through it.
  4. XRP is not far behind bitcoin, I'm sure if @miguel has anything to say about it he'll get XRP going on SBIVC sooner than later. SBI ripple asia benefits from bringing XRP on their exchange as I'm guessing they own a lot of XRP... Bitcoin has the most liquidity right now, and they plan on mining it, so it's probably the most efficient option at this point, but that will change eventually. It does make sense for SBIVC to run their exchange on XRP ledger and bring BTC on as an IOU, and act more as a ripple gateway though as it would show the ecosystem how much trust they have in the system, but I guess it's more desirable for them to run their own proprietary virtual currency exchange / system.
  5. Yeah let's not do that again, 321 fail, unless they are inviting central banks this time around... I think they can make plenty of announcements at this SWELL in 2018 though.
  6. If ripple didn't tie the options agreement to the TPA in writing, which I don't see why they wouldn't state the two are dependent of one another, then that's on the legal team which failed to include it into the contract for whatever reason. That's the technical or contractual view point, but we can't see the entire TPA or options contract, and I highly doubt R3 files the complaint if indeed the TPA + options contract are written to be fulfilled before allowing the options contract to take place. It sounds like to me they were both written up at the same time and were not part of the same contract, it was by word of mouth or email that they would follow through with the promise of advancing ripple together with R3 banks, so to me it sounds like it will come down to whether the judge and possibly jury thinks the TPA and options agreement were together or dependent on fulfillment of the TPA and needed to happen before the options contract is allowed. That's my view point so whether the judge and jury take a technical contractual viewpoint or moral view point on the case, if they think the emails back up and support their intent for TPA to happen first / along with options contract is given then those will be their options. Rutter did state in the email that they would take it all the way to commercial production as the end goal, so whether they think that constitutes TPA + options agreement is the question.... I could also see the judge give the 5 billion XRP to R3 then require them to complete the commercial product that was discussed... I'm sorry but if ripple's legal team failed to write the two in conjunction, then that's their fault or colluded, which i doubt happened and as harsh as it sounds ripple deserves to lose those 5 billion XRP, who at ripple was responsible and didn't proofread the contracts? I hope they have it in writing or email somewhere that ripple would give the options contract based on fulfillment of the TPA / commercial production... Because honestly R3 could have an email response to ripple that states some cheesy excuse as to why they didn't take it to commercial production, as in we didn't get the funding that we needed to complete the deal or something stupid like that, just leaves it open to a lot of other possibilities and outcomes if it's not written explicitly in the contract.
  7. Aside from the fact that ripple unintentionally pumped the price with the swell 3,2,1 count down then leading up to the conference ripple price hasn't really reflected any of the news and accomplishments, are you telling me your valuation of ripple right now is fair at market price .20 just because it's "different" from other coins? I'm pretty sure somebody else said other coins would or are doing better than XRP, and I hate to compare with stellar lumens, but they rise fairly well on good news, so I guess the only difference is distribution strategy... I normally don't compare ripple with other coins unless they have a similar supply of coins. I'd probably value XRP at .75 - $1 right now all things considered, but that's extreme considering the protocol isn't being used on a commercial level / scale yet, so it's going to take more than news to get XRP moving, it's all about supply, demand, distribution, and usage and they don't really favor XRP right now, but they will in the near future.
  8. The thing is, aside from the 3000% increase the price of XRP has not lived up to the hype or fundamentals and is mostly detached from the progress the company is making behind the scenes, since the big rally it has been a slow upward climb against the USD with some small rallies to mid 20s and topped out at .30 a couple times, but that is mostly pump and dump buy the rumor sell the news from speculators than anything else. The positive thing is XRP is holding up well against USD, so that's a good sign and it should continue to trend up as ripple and partners get closer to going live and on-boarding MMs... Once the bank consortiums go live 1Q - 2Q it's game on, 2018 will be a big year for XRP usage and further adoption. Sounds like a long time, but the next 3 - 6 months should bring some solid gains for XRP holders.
  9. Perhaps you should first ask yourself who their target audience is and who exactly they market their products too (banks)... Yes ripple communicates with us here on the forum, twitter, and the AMAs, but that's as close to "marketing" to the crypto community as you will get, as far as I know they don't have anyone devoted to "marketing" to the crypto community, they let their actions / news / partnerships speak for their products and progress...
  10. ripple has moved on to bigger and better things, now they can just send people there to sell their product and scope out the up and coming competition or potential buy-out / acquisition
  11. Will have to be holding bitcoin on October 25th if you want BTG, mid november for B2X, but my question is what will be the main chain? BTC or B2X, since most everyone is signaling for B2X where does that leave BTC?
  12. What's it going to be bitcoin? BTC, BCH, B2X, bitcoin gold??? How are you going to play this one??
  13. I missed the HDG tokens... Oh well, looking pretty bullish on this one though...
  14. What are the costs and cost savings? Yeah I think they cannot compete with ripple in cross-border payments, ripple is mostly at the settlement level so not sure there is a need for sanctions filtering and KYC until it hits the endpoints, and that will be done at a higher level in the payment stack and part of standards and policies that organizations like the global payments steering group create guidance for...
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