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  1. Here you go: https://ledger.exposed/rich-stats#percentage For a coin you like so much you don't seem to know much about it.
  2. You're projecting. Statistically speaking there's a 99% chance I got a bigger bag than you. You're projecting. So far I've only replied to angry mob posters. If you wanna talk about facts, the same can be said about literally every single post above. It's funny how since the angry mob has formed everyone is suddenly an "insider" and is full of facts. Quote me where I said this? Or do you just feel the need to make more strawman arguments to occupy more pixels? It's noticeable how you got particularly triggered when the twitter bots were called out.
  3. The angry mob is running out of things to say and are now copying my own posts. How original and brave. "h-he said something about my token that I don't like, quick, get the pitchforks REEEEEE. Think of something to say, anything, something". Ask me how I know you spend too much time on twitter. > argumentDatabaseEmpty.exe > findRandomInsult.exe > error.exe > copyPaste.exe Actual bot tier posters here.
  4. By this logic nobody would violate the law ever. Companies both larger and smaller than ripple get away with much more outrageous things all the time, some of which I have experienced firsthand. So the statement "they wouldn't do it because they could get caught" is just pure satire and I shouldn't have seen half the things I've seen. From the very beginning I also explicitly stated that I am speculating. But then angry holders came out of the woodworks and essentially stated "I don't like it and therefor it isn't so". At least be honest with yourself about why you are on this website. Many come here just to have their investment validated and anything that even raises a discussion of which they don't like the possibilities, instantly triggers a mental breakdown that causes the person in question to go on a wild frenzy, just look at the sheer amount of rage of some of the posters above. A process often seen in leftist circles as well by the way
  5. Not a strawman at all. You authoritatively stated that what I said is invalidated, based on what...? Are you an insider or do you have access to information that the rest of us here don't? The subject that I brought up has been wildly speculated upon by many and for a long time at that, but YOU seem to have the answer so why don't you enlighten us? No? Just "You're wrong, I'm right, Go away. Leave me to my echochamber". It's all very unconvincing if I am honest.
  6. W-Wow, that is a lot of ad hominem, anger and strawman arguments for a single post. You seem emotionally attached to an extent that is unhealthy. Cool off a bit. Just a mere suggestion that Ripple, not unlike other companies could employ marketing firms, sends you off into a wild frenzy... goodness me... Well there you have it. The omnipotent BillyOckham hath spoken. My points are invalidated by him and therefor it shall be so. Any company operating in gray areas or employ methods that do not fit the moral standards of BillyOckham, simply would not be able to operate in 2021 and cease to exist.
  7. I wonder what else is a conspiracy theory to you, if even generic marketing strategies are a conspiracy? >The risk is high and the reward ineffective So ineffective that everyone who can be considered an XRP whale is now wealthy enough to purchase a private jet, island and a 50 man staff who work 12 hour shifts. The risk is non existent with the correct approach. The guys at ripple aren't dummies, if they wanted to make it happen they would. But like you said, let's leave it at that. We're definitely going in circles now. It's back and forth between " dass a conspirusee" versus "it's basic marketing that everyone company employs".
  8. Are you suggesting that the people who rake in billions, are just your average guy next door and would be too ethical for such an approach? Schwartz, Garlinghouse and co are really just fantastic and loveable chaps who'd happily have a beer with you whilst sharing their life stories with you? If these are your world views then I also understand why it's inconceivable to you what I suggested.
  9. Gains them little? A several billion dollar return would suggest otherwise. If you cannot think of a single way to promote a product and maintain enough plausible deniability, then that sounds like a YOU problem. Now again, I don't know for a fact who is behind these channels but what I do know, is that if I were to launch my own token, I definitely would hire marketers and I would get them to launch channels similar to what we see in the XRP community. I would of course also do this in a way that I could maintain enough plausible deniability, but that's just me and I can only speak for myself. I am only speculating and you can consider my posts to be made for entertainment purposes only, not unlike the countless XRP related channels.
  10. Basic marketing, now a conspiracy according to some. Ask me how I know you are not running a company of your own. Nobody is saying that some of the XRP related channels could not be run by fans, but the sheer amount of XRP related channels is disproportionally high, compared to any other crypto out there. You making a bizarre association between generic marketing campaigns and conspiracies is either comical, or suspicious, or both. Furthermore, saying that Ripple would get in trouble for sponsoring online marketers is nonsense. None of those channels claim to be making promises about XRP's price, they in fact do the opposite. Most of those channels state that they are there for entertainment purposes only. Entertainment purposes or not, they still bait enough retailers into buying XRP. We can only speculate whether Ripple is truly behind these channels but at the very least one should be suspicious.
  11. I don't know mate. Do you have a Youtube channel that has been pumping out 2 videos per day for the past 3 years? Feel free to let me know the URL. If you want to talk about Occam's razor, then it's pretty much guaranteed Ripple have a marketing department or at least outsource marketing, like literally every other middle sized or big firm. >I take it as a sign that we are getting somewhere. Yeah if a random poster, on a random website posting their opinion is a sign to you, then who am I to say it is not?
  12. To be fair I am actually convinced of the opposite. There is no way that the sheer amount of XRP related channels on youtube/twitter etc aren't somehow incentivized/sponsored by Ripple as part of a viral marketing campaign. I don't think any other crypto in the world has this many dedicated YouTube channels as XRP. XRP has all the hallmarks of any ordinary pump and dump and yet we're all crazy enough to buy it(including myself).
  13. Uh oh, I don't keep up with the news daily but this Saylor orchestrated pump and dump doesn't look good. If whales force a day to take profits on, I don't imagine a lot of good news will be coming out in the days ahead. If i wasn't a hodler I would probably be selling right about now.
  14. Pretty impressive that Cardano can reach almost $3 in a bearmarket. If this is what a bearmarket looks like, give me 3 more years of it.
  15. Crypto has only had 2 bullmarkets before? So what are you using as a reference then? Are you comparing a bullmarket to a bearmarket interchangeably? Of course the reason for the dip does matter. What I CAN tell you is that it was not predominantly leverage trade liquidations, of course it contributed to the dip but it is not what caused it. If it turns out that institutions are offloading their bags, then it's almost certainly the beginning of the bearmarket. However if it's just retailer's panic selling then we can expect a recovery soon. That's why in my previous post I asked if someone knows the website where you can get an overview of institutional holdings.
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