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  1. Hello xrp community, What is in your personal opinion the most secure XRP wallet and why?
  2. Hello brianwalden, Yes, I am fully aware of that and how the network work and such. Thank you for explaining this to me, have a nice day.
  3. Hello Flare Discussion Club, Could derivatives be added in Flare Finance such as precious metals, stocks, oil, bonds and such? It would be quite an amazing platform if these derivatives were listed and trade in Flare Finance. Thank you.
  4. Hello Flare Discussion Club, The Flare Finance's ecosystem structure is a great stepping stone for a digital holy grail for an insured infinite ODL to be used by banks, institutions and such. My main concern for now is that, can Flare Finance users withdraw loaned xUSD to another dApp on the Flare Network and can they withdraw loaned xUSD to another network such as XRP-L? Thank you.
  5. Hello brianwalden, Yes, I see the logic behind it but it is not efficient nor secure in terms of reliable pricing. There should be a reliable and secure oracle service to provide data to the DeX users, anyone can access the XRPL DeX and go there to manipulate the price. As we all know that the DeX is not being used at its full potential due to the insufficient liquidity on the DeX and the arbitrage prices between CeX and DeX, without a secure and reliable oracle service, there will be no DeX users due to uncertainty.
  6. Hello XRP community, How could oracle services be created and provided in XRP-L? I am aware that smart contract capabilities have not been publicly available yet as of the current publish date of this post. I am also aware that the goal of Ripple is to provide some sort of a "ODL" to companies, how could they access off-chain data? If IOUs exist, I am quite positive that the intention of it is to maintain a derivatives platform for the world to utilize, if this is a real goal then why are there no oracles projects in XRP-L? Thank you for your time.
  7. Hello XRP community, What would make XRP-L an ideal network to be used by banks, exchanges, governments, retailers as a derivatives platform/market? From a personal POV, why do you think it will be a derivatives platform in the mere future? Why would banks, exchanges, governments and retailers favor the network over others?
  8. Hello XRP community, Please explain to me why XRP is the future? XRP-L's technology is great, I am confident that whales and tech-nerds agree on me with this but can you specifically tell me on why XRP will be used in the future? Until fiat currencies are stable and liquid, I do not see a general use-case for XRP and please do not tell me about On Demand Liquidity, I am fully aware of that but it wont be used due to fiat being more liquid in exchanges and other markets. As always, until fiat lives, XRP wont be utilized to its fullest potential.
  9. Hello XRP community, Escrowing XRP is a protocol used to "timelock" XRP, I would like to know how I could escrow my XRP using a ledger wallet, its an interesting concept to begin with. If I escrow 100 XRP which is sourced from my ledger wallet and set a specific time for the XRP to be unlocked, lets say 24/6/2023, will the XRP from the escrow be automatically sent back to my ledger wallet or do I need to manually retrieve my escrowed 100 XRP? Thank you for the support XRP chat.
  10. Hello xrpchat community, I am interested in knowing more about XRP-L's smart contracts since there are little to no information regarding this topic. Hope you are able to answer a few of my question about it. So, are there any books or websites that i can buy/visit to learn about the technical sides of XRPL's smart contract programming? Here are my main questions about this subject. - what programming language is being used to code a smart contract in XRP-L? - what are the challenges on programming and publishing smart contracts? - could smart contract exchange messages/data with each other? - why is this better than Flare's smart contract or in general, the Flare Network itself. It would also be very kind of you if you could add some important information regarding this subject. Thank you.
  11. Hey XRP nerds, I have a question regarding Fiat currency in XRPL, how can a person setup a XRP wallet and hold, receive, and send some sort of fiat currency (example: USD) in XRP-L. I'm trying to utilized XRPL for a payment system of mine, would really appreciate for a helping hand. :)
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