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  1. Alex, just order this costume and wear it every time bearableguy123 posts a riddle.... that would be amazing ?
  2. I’d like to promote XRP in this way:
  3. Had a little fun with Photoshop tonight... use as you wish and enjoy!!!!
  4. Sounds like someone needs written permission.... may be easy may not be. Will not know unless someone actually makes an attempt for this or similar purposes.
  5. Best thing to do is enjoy your new pin and give the rest away to family and friends!!! Great way to promote your favorite digital asset without the worry of lawyers and all the other headaches... Just have fun with it! Great job by the way!!!
  6. Just loaded the website!!!!!!!! 12Hours 48Minutes to go!!!
  7. I've seen conflicting information. Because the new Tax Codes have been implemented, are we to report all 2017 trades under the new code? Or will we file under the new tax codes next year 2019 for year 2018?
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