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  1. Bitcoin is the honey badger of cryptocurrency. Its demise has been predicted many times but it has displayed remarkable resilience. Bitcoin cash is akin to an altcoin and it will in no way affect the long term price trajectory of Bitcoin. I should also say that if Bitcoin fails, all cryptos (including xrp) will be taken to the woodshed. Bitcoin is the anchor of the cryptomarket. Even xrp (as unique as it is) responds to its gravity. We should all root for Bitcoin.
  2. Any estimate of # holders? The Cambridge study estimates the # of Bitcoin users in the world at approximately 6.5 million (Give or take a few million)
  3. Once you purchase the coins you can send them to your own wallet (eg rippex desktop wallet is nice). I prefer ledger nano s hardware wallet for security/convenience. Can't provide specifics re UK (I'm in America) but you may want to checkout gatehub.net best wishes
  4. welcome. easiest way: Step 1. buy bitcoin on exchange (like gemini, coinbase, etc). Step 2. Transfer your bitcoin to an exchange that also sells xrp (poloniex, bittrex, etc). Step 3. Trade your btc for xrp. Note: If you want straight fiat purchase, you'll want to consider gatehub.net best wishes.
  5. I've seen wild estimates about the number of individuals currently holding bitcoin. Can we speculate as to how many individuals are currently holding xrp? I would imagine it's a fraction of the # of bitcoin holders.
  6. You should consider backfilling the bitcoins you traded out of. i see a bright future for bitcoin as well as xrp.
  7. The '1.4 trillion in circulation' refers to hard cash and coinage in circulation. It does not take into account 'electronic' dollars, which constitute a far greater amount. Xrp will need to handle trillions of USD to address the (best case) bridge currency use case.
  8. Plan to hold 10 years. No fixed price target/emotion to the investment. I'm prepared for it to go to zero, knowing fully well that this is high-risk / high-reward. IMHO, There is a better than outside chance of $20 USD/xrp w/in 3 years. Particularly if crypto market cap climbs to 1 trillion dollars, which I believe is within the realm is possible.
  9. 58% bitcoin 40% xrp 2% ethereum
  10. Ripple Labs is targeting banks, not mom and pop investors. The marketing/communication strategy is tailored accordingly. Following day to day price action is a recipe for anxiety; xrp needs to consolidate for a while before making a run on $1. Ripple labs puts out news regularly on their website; the market will interpret it as it sees fit.
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