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  1. Doesn't seem like anything to be concerned about. Nice one sniffing it out and correcting it!
  2. "then what makes people think that Ripple can somehow make XRP/CHF liquid" Ripple isn't somehow going to do it. They have a very detailed plan of exactly how.
  3. Here's the thing about an exponential doubling... if you were to fold a piece of paper 103 times then it'd be thicker than the diameter of the observable universe. 100% growth on XRP makes sense for a few years but once the numbers start to get ridiculous, they get ridiculous FAST.
  4. You definitely read it wrong. In fact I have no idea how you came to those conclusions about it. The article is pro Ripple and anti Bitcoin. Also there are already multiple threads on about this same article so please next time check around a bit before starting a new topic.
  5. Neither. This is based on criticisms by Ripple of traditional blockchains such as BTC
  6. I found it really annoying xD
  7. Yes, the actual content of the article is pointing out flaws with BTC and similar blockchains that are solved by Ripple's ILP. The problem is that the wording of the article is a little ambiguous.
  8. Hopefully rather than a sustained break down this'll act as a springboard for gaining momentum on the bounce. It's possible!
  9. "prenounced" ...ironically appropriate title
  10. Hi, I wasn't comparing it to any other coins. My comment was about XRP only.
  11. The advantage that Ripple has is they're much further along. The service is already going live. When the savings start coming in, will other banks want to wait for SWIFT to catch up? It's hard to know. I think it is a legitimate threat to investment in XRP.
  12. You need to consider that those 5% of coins in circulation can be traded many times each within a given period of time. So say each coin is traded 20 times within the time period, then the amount of value passing through XRP within that period will be equal to 100% of the total supply. (liquidity of XRP will probably be much higher than 5% anyway as it is likely that large quantities will be bought up by liquidity providers for exactly that purpose).
  13. You know the saying "buy the rumour sell the news"? I think a similar although somewhat inverted saying would be appropriate here. We will probably find that the volatility will mostly play out leading up to August 1st, with the day itself passing with only mild fluctuations. Everyone in this space is trying to be smart money and get ahead of the curve, and so the effect of events on the charts are mostly felt beforehand, with the exception of sudden or unexpected events/announcements.
  14. XRP adoption will come later as a natural next step to increase the efficiency of the RCL. They wouldn't want to buy the native asset before the network is already in wide usage, because they need to be sure they have a use for it first.
  15. Where did you hear than an XRP is indivisible?
  16. It's not a question of time, it's about how I forsee the future potential. As long as XRP remains promising, then I will remain onboard. If something pops up that seems a better alternative, or something happens to change my opinion of Ripple so that I no longer find it promising, then I will sell. Impatience is not one of my vices.
  17. To be clear, within my established circles I have told people about XRP and am certain I have been an influence in more than one investment. So please do not think that I am against spreading the word in general. It is important though imo to approach this issue with some caution. For instance I will simply present the information of what XRP is and why I believe it has potential. I try to be informative, but will not apply any pressure that the person(s) I am talking to should also invest. If t hey seem disinterested I will not stop. I seek only to provide the information to enable them make up their own minds. Personally when someone comes to me pushing an agenda, I become instantly distrustful. Objective information about something you are genuinely enthusiastic towards, presented to an appropriate audience, seems much more powerful than a sales pitch. To summarise how I feel: it's better to build something that people will want to be a part of than to push something that they might not.
  18. All I know is that if XRP does get to $200 then it'll be enough of a standard currency that we wont need to measure its value in dollars any more.
  19. I wasn't calling you a shill--no offence was intended! I meant only to advise against shill-like (shillish?) behaviour in the hypothetical of what is entailed by doing our part. Welcome, by the way.
  20. Make no mistake this ico frenzy is anything but sustainable and there will be a cull.
  21. I think our part is to build a knowledgeable, informative, and positive community right here. We shouldn't go out and be shills trying to advertise XRP. Talking about something you genuinely find promising within your established circles of trust is one thing, going out of your way to sell the idea of XRP to everyone you meet is something else entirely. "If you build it, [they] will come" Our role is creating a strong and high quality community that people will want to be a part of.
  22. Here is something I wrote in a discussion on a facebook group the other day that seems relevant: In the road to widespread acceptance of cyrpto currency, I can see two main points of contention where legislative battles will be fought in a struggle to maintain a centralised power structure. The first is in the acceptance of payment for goods. This is the immediate battlefront. We'll see how it plays out. The second is will make the first look like nothing in comparison. This will be where the war is fought. Payment for services and employment. Governments cannot allow employers to pay their employees in a currency that is not their own because that will close the circle that undermines the central currency. The first people who try this will be imprisoned without question. It is likely that the war will take the form of political propaganda, convincing people that this is a gateway for nefarious individuals and organisations to circumvent worker's rights and exploit people. The aim will be to keep public opinion such that no momentum is gathered to put pressure on the current legislative system in regards to centralised, state currencies. I do not see this as a war that can be won by crypto through direct opposition. Short of a full scale revolution, we will hit a roadblock. Although employing someone and then paying them in crypto will likely remain illegal, someone can do a job and then ask for donations in crypto if they so choose. We can already see the rise of this kind of economy in the form of crowdfunding or twitch streamers. This kind of "payment" could not be regulated due to much the same reasons that crypto cannot be stopped: it is decentralised. There is no employer to single out and punish, there is only the collective masses. How is this relevant? Robotics and automation. Whoa, hold on, why am I jumping to a completely different topic? Technologically we are on the brink of mass scale automation that could replace a huge portion of the human workforce. What implications does this have for employment, and the types of jobs that are considered normal? What implications does it have for our collective cultural values of what it means to be a productive member of society (ie. get a job and contribute to the system)? These are important questions that we are going to have to start finding real answers to in the very near future, as self driving cars, automated construction lines, and machine learning algorithms start to outperform and replace human workers. When there is no work left to do, how will we occupy our time? I believe that Twitch streamers are forbears of an emergent economic model that at some point in the future may become a substantial or even the dominant form of employment whereby payment for services is decentralised. That is when crypto can move in and close the loop in a way that cannot easily be prevented through regulation. It seems to me that it is only when technology has advanced, infrastructure has been put in place, and culture has evolved to the levels outlined above, that crypto will truly have the climate necessary to circumvent and overcome the entrenched centralised system.
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