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  1. Doesn't seem like anything to be concerned about. Nice one sniffing it out and correcting it!
  2. "then what makes people think that Ripple can somehow make XRP/CHF liquid" Ripple isn't somehow going to do it. They have a very detailed plan of exactly how.
  3. Here's the thing about an exponential doubling... if you were to fold a piece of paper 103 times then it'd be thicker than the diameter of the observable universe. 100% growth on XRP makes sense for a few years but once the numbers start to get ridiculous, they get ridiculous FAST.
  4. You definitely read it wrong. In fact I have no idea how you came to those conclusions about it. The article is pro Ripple and anti Bitcoin. Also there are already multiple threads on about this same article so please next time check around a bit before starting a new topic.
  5. Neither. This is based on criticisms by Ripple of traditional blockchains such as BTC
  6. I found it really annoying xD
  7. Yes, the actual content of the article is pointing out flaws with BTC and similar blockchains that are solved by Ripple's ILP. The problem is that the wording of the article is a little ambiguous.
  8. Hopefully rather than a sustained break down this'll act as a springboard for gaining momentum on the bounce. It's possible!
  9. "prenounced" ...ironically appropriate title
  10. Hi, I wasn't comparing it to any other coins. My comment was about XRP only.
  11. The advantage that Ripple has is they're much further along. The service is already going live. When the savings start coming in, will other banks want to wait for SWIFT to catch up? It's hard to know. I think it is a legitimate threat to investment in XRP.
  12. You need to consider that those 5% of coins in circulation can be traded many times each within a given period of time. So say each coin is traded 20 times within the time period, then the amount of value passing through XRP within that period will be equal to 100% of the total supply. (liquidity of XRP will probably be much higher than 5% anyway as it is likely that large quantities will be bought up by liquidity providers for exactly that purpose).
  13. You know the saying "buy the rumour sell the news"? I think a similar although somewhat inverted saying would be appropriate here. We will probably find that the volatility will mostly play out leading up to August 1st, with the day itself passing with only mild fluctuations. Everyone in this space is trying to be smart money and get ahead of the curve, and so the effect of events on the charts are mostly felt beforehand, with the exception of sudden or unexpected events/announcements.
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