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  1. Even my accountant gives me the same old BS about bitcoin not being backed by anything substantial and what if I wanna sell at 150k and no one wants to buy and it’s better to get a steady 5-10% yearly and …ok
  2. This topic reminded me that after a decade of dark times being stuck on trash poker rooms, I just moved to Canada permanently and now is the time to enjoy pokerstars.com massive worldwide tournaments again YAYYY
  3. Honestly my favorite guy to follow out there. Not a permabull either https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/PEeAa5Qa-Bitcoin-Slow-or-fast-route/ as of XRP https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPBTC/zrxMxUjF-Another-interesting-XRPBTC-fractal/#chart-view-comments
  4. BCBacker is entertaining but he’s a permabull and that irks me. At least XRP-nuke is realistic. If something is massively overbought, can be good to be ready to sell whenever the mania stalls. Wish I had followed my own advice this spring at 1.70. But I sold at 1.35 instead. Oh well didn’t miss the peak that badly. If something is massively oversold, can be good to get some cash in… I don’t know if XRP now can go past 4000sat. Too much mania surrounding this coin whenever there’s a big leg up. I think 10-20k satoshis are a thing of the past
  5. Been stalking this topic for a couple years now and I think we can safely say that, yes, @Eric123, this was the mother of all pennants on post #1 here in this thread
  6. I’m expecting a positive SEC outcome of course, which should get a lot of media attention and might trigger a nice snowball effect with some intelligent marketing “legal crypto” or whatever. Mania above $20 possibly then a beautiful crash to .5 that’ll cause a lot of despair
  7. Bear trap, similar to aug/sept 2017 but on a higher scale. Btc/ETH/virtually every top 10 but XRP (….) well above previous ath People haven’t dumped their whole 401K’s on crypto’s yet. That happened with Game Stop; there’s no stronger sell signal. It got close in 2017 but everyone here knows there’s still a lot of skepticism, even more now, among general population. Crypto’s are still very much a bunch of nerds playing alongside some whales who try to shake off weak hands for more profit.
  8. 2200sats… sigh meanwhile every other coin in the top 10 is wayyy past their ath. Jesussss
  9. I did something different. I invested a total of 10k with an average buy in of 25cts, then decided to get my money back selling 7k ish @1.35 and now I’m waiting for double digit numbers. Peace of mind is great
  10. The sentiment reminds me of late summer 2017 with the China FUD I think the next and last and most mind blowing part of this bull run will happen later on this summer and I’m waiting for an eventual pump and dump (typical of XRP) in the next few days/weeks post SEC nonsense, to split back to 33% ETH 33% BTC 33% XRP. We’ll most likely fly by zerps previous ATH but not before BTC shoots up to 6figs and ETH over 5fig
  11. Even tho we definitely hit a mania phase for a bit, I think that this wasn’t as insane as December 2017. I’m confident we can get a real massive bubble later on this year with absolute media frenzy. That would be the sell signal, in big blinking red capital letters
  12. Fascinating how negative this forum seems to be on XRP whereas anywhere else we find a massively bullish sentiment
  13. iirc back in 2017-2018 alts truly skyrocketed when btc was stalling in the mid teens after peaking above 19k so BTC going down 20% or more may not be too crazy for more money to flow into alts
  14. I think we’re going to go for a few months of fake bear market and FUD exactly like in the summer of 2017 if XRP can push beyond $2 that’d be nice (plus I’m cashing out 2000XRP every dollar so, let’s go FFS) but I’m not expecting face melting pumps till later on this year. In fact I’d be tempted to go back to 33% btc 33% ETH 33% XRP.... 1% doge whatever. Going all in on XRP 5 weeks ago was a great move but diversifying tends to win.
  15. Long time lurker just created an account here. Definitely not giving any financial advice however here’s my plan: I’m selling 5% of my stash every time it hits another dollar all the way up to $21 if I’m counting it right. Started the other week when it hit $1. Went all in on XRP exactly a month ago at 44cts. What a month it’s been Very confident it’s another bubble that will peak this winter and then pop and we’re getting another brutal bear market afterwards. 2017 all over again. Summer might be boring.
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