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  1. That’s a big move for a 20% difference in price innit?
  2. Well this guy predicted a bigger drop than just one day… although bullish long term right here: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/vo5cxLIH-BTCUSD-Short-term-drop-very-likely/
  3. Weekly MACD always seems to be amongst the most reliable indicators of bull/bear periods… am I wrong or biased here?
  4. You mean number 2 right? Cardano is ‘only’ a 50% pump away however good the news are, if we get there I sell all no questions asked. We saw back in 2018 that taking the 2nd spot was short lived..
  5. I always follow this guy but I don’t get how he sees 2013, looks a lot more similar to 2015- spring 2017 to me. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPBTC/Tu9SfNgM-XRP-update-The-pump-WILL-come-With-or-without-SEC-FUD/
  6. Impressive! Thanks for your contributions. When you and nuke and others all agree on a price point that seems impossible to maintain I’ll have my finger on the SELL ALL trigger like never before (at least not since 2017 and my first Hundos spent in this game)
  7. Think I’m going to swap my trading XRPs to BTC but waiting for a better ratio. 3000sats at least… hate selling/swapping so close to the bottom. Final BTC leg up pre crash should be on the next logarithmic up from previous bubble which is 100k+ and XRP over $10 but I don’t see it run all the way up to $30 (I consider the absurd 2018 run to $3 to be an anomaly. Anything above $1 was unexpectedly good back then, let alone $2. Ditto for $10-20 this time)
  8. That XRPBTC looks like a nice pennant to me
  9. Comparing jan’18 reckless manic phase with our **** poor current $1.25??
  10. Pretty flag shaping up. Seems that 96cts is solid, and I’m always like “if I were day trading” well if I were day trading I’d have gained maybe 10% of my stack for massive 16kUSD moves… reminds me of my erratic bankroll management in my poker days and that didn’t end too well. If I’ve got 100k in the bank thanks to a solid year of grinding through pandemics, and what I got in crypto is worth 30k (even if I cashed out my initial investment already), making 16k moves feels a little risky. Any finance bros used to moving thousands or tens of thousands recommend ways to get used to swinging around decent amounts of cash? I’m thinking of starting with 10% of my holdings. (Sorry for going off topic. 96cts solid eh?? Lol)
  11. That’s a baller ratio. I’m tempted to do the same, got 33k XRP total and if I were a total baller I’d be more than tempted to sell 16k5 right now, then wait for upper 80s
  12. So alt season in September or October eh? Would be pretty.
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