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  1. I too am very skilled in TA. Can confirm this is the correct trajectory.
  2. Can you extrapolate on this? I'm not sure how being a non-mined coin gives XRP a 'leg up'.
  3. Sorry, as follow up, whats the easiest 'noob safe' way to turn my Ledger Nano into a paper key also?
  4. damn.... I honestly didn't think of that. seems so simple. You've just solved my major life problems, thanks man ^^!
  5. **** **** **** now you got me paranoid again.... So lets say I make a paper key, how do I avoid water damage?
  6. If you're correct, that is WAY cooler than what my brain was thinking. I always thought my precious XRPs were hiding inside my very expensive necklace (Ledger Nano S comes with a lanyard). So I bought the neclace for $67 and now it is worth exponentially more than that! but if my throught process is wrong, its not the Ledger that is worth anything, but rather the 24 word phrase is really the only thing that matters....
  7. Can I still tranfers funds to it if it is held somewhere else? and check how much is on it on a regular basis to make sure it hasn't disappeared?
  8. Sounds like a solid plan! Only one I've found so far... guess I'm all in with XRP!
  9. What is the best way to store your 24 word Ledger recovery key? I'm paranoid about keeping mine on my computer in case someone 'remote hacks in' (not sure how the computer worlds works is that possible?) so I keep my on an external USB (actually two USBs so as not to have only one point of failure). At first I had a picture of the 24 word key snapshot on my phone but then I thought: HELL NO NSA CAN'T HAVE MY RIPPLES!
  10. I am not a smart person, I like to think that if I am catching on to this stuffs, that there may be hope for this technology after all!!! THE FUTURE IS NOW!
  11. I'm sure almost everyone has visitted Ripple.com at this point, but even if you have, I highly recommend you check it out one more time to appreciate one of the many aspects that elevates Ripple above many other companies vying for a legitimate voice in the current cryptosphere. Yes, all of the new coins coming out are building quick, scroll-based websites that follow a very calculated, simple pattern; however, Ripple's website has some fantastic subtle nuances that really set it above the rest of the 'blockchain boom' sites. For instance, Ripple's website catches the eye with flash-like animations that in fact are built in HTML, and if you right click the very first image and click on 'View page source' you will find a nice little Easter Egg (attached image) ^^. The website also incorporates 'interactive slides', clean video, and simple explanations of what Ripple is striving towards, contrary to most 'coin sites' that are extremely broad and vague. This is very refreshing in the cryptosphere and I think we should all appreciate the simple and clean approach. Are there any other coin/company sites that you feel are comparable to Ripple's at the current time?
  12. Apparently this is a lie.... Because the 'trust line' is still there, even after it shows as successfully removed. I was able to remove all Trust Lines except GateHub Fifth (BTC) so thats 5 more XRP just chilling. Not a big deal tho, thanks for the help! EDIT: It's not technically a lie, there was less than .001 BTC in my account, so althought it said the Trust Line was closed, it wasn't removed from my wallet until I transfered the BTC out. In case anyone else has the same issue. Solution: There is a little 'X' that appears next to the amount on the right hand side that allows you to remove the Trust Line.
  13. I'm on GateHub right now trying to figure out how to disable the trust lines, any advice? Not finding the solution on my own so far. Do I need to remove the 'extra' wallets (see image)
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