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  1. Just saw this on Twitter. Internal email from American Express:
  2. Love it! I think Ripple is about to show the world something it's never seen before and make alot of money in the process!
  3. Or they could be announcing a partnership with SWIFT??????
  4. When that time comes i'll plan out my withdrawal to make sure i fall in the lowest tax bracket so that my long term capital gain tax is almost near zero..... http://www.bankrate.com/taxes/no-capital-gains-due-for-some-investors/
  5. I ordered this last week. It has no XRP value but something i really wanted to have to show my support for Ripple & XRP.
  6. I'd drop my 401K in there easily for XRP. The percent gains in ONE price run up easily dwarf anything standard investments are giving right now.
  7. Yeah that's definitely a point to recognize. I personally think SWIFT is gonna try and partner itself with Ripple. That would be the simple solution as they have no way of replicating what Ripple is doing in a timely matter. Their established network of FIs + Ripple would be awesomeness if it ever happened.
  8. Article on cnbc with Miguel saying this quarter is gonna be very interesting. I thought i was late to the XRP party but it seems like im right on time! http://www.cnbc.com/2017/07/21/ripples-xrp-digital-currency-rose-3977-percent-in-the-first-half-of-2017.html
  9. Hilarious! Yeah it's definitely not there no matter how many times they watch or how many 'requirements' they list in the description. lol
  10. @thunderw Around the 23:30 mark in the video the question was directly asked...
  11. Oh yeah the Fed is keeping their words basic but you can read between the lines that the Fed is looking for a better solution.
  12. EXACTLY! They can deny it until its undeniable then they'll be sour they didn't get in themselves. Crazy part is that its not illegal to own more than one crypto so why does the Bitcoin/Eth crowd hate so much?
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