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  1. many crypto fan fail to understand significance... even with recent price rise, many still not get it But very soon they see.... as ripple no need entire crypto scene, more potential outside space with unexposed customer
  2. The only hope... forgetting XRP has big FI backer.. with CEO who bullish on XRP
  3. secret key can be import to any of the available wallet
  4. We love extreme! a bunch of threads about doom and gloom... and a bunch about the rainbows Lucky many new people not here when ~$0.005... those where the doom and gloom days
  5. soon polo trolls will migrate.... and xrpchat have 40,000 new members flooding the zerpbox!
  6. he must looking at the XRP/BTC graph. If you look, yes Bitcoin is rising against USD, and XRP holding against USD This make XRP worth less satoshi, thus graph looks like 'clearly' go down Thus, it appears that XRP is going down
  7. Suddenly it make sense. @PeteWisdom has a short open to try and recoup loses from long. Given he risk life saving at the top as he sure it go up.... then it went down... this must be good buy signal.
  8. SELL! Us whales will take your house, it will go with the kids
  9. Probably nothing. They not run ICO, they're sell a digital asset to people
  10. Do you have proof to backup your claim of price manipulation? and who do you suspect is responsible for it? Poloniex? Ripple? Chinese Bitcoin Miners? Ethereum Foundation? JP Morgan?
  11. A Bitcoin for a criminal, a Ripple for everyone else!
  12. There is so many doom gloom posts hitting the hot topics around here, so many people open them its about time that was used to give real information to people
  13. *Edit* I moved this to the top The R3 news is EXTREMELY GOOD FOR RIPPLE Question: Why SBI invest so much money in Ripple, if they want to lead others to different technology? Answer: They Wouldn't. SBI now has the major stake holder position in R3, a group which still hasn't decided on a way forward. Question: Why i think this? According to SBI's investors presentation, they own 11% of Ripple the company. They now the major stake position in R3, and are planning on using it to lead the tech development of the R3 group. http://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Companies/Japan-s-SBI-megabanks-take-stakes-in-blockchain-group-R3 Why SBI invest so much money in Ripple, if they want to lead others to different technology? Meanwhile A demo of Ripple and Quorum (The EEA version of Ethereum - The Software, not the Public chain) is done https://www.eventbrite.com/e/jpmorgan-quorum-demo-ripple-tickets-34477559308?aff=ebapi# Ripple is now a settlement option for EEA smart contracts. The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance isn't using the Public Token ETH, or the chain. They're just using the software. Seems people are starting to actually read the news articles and realize Opps, the headline said Ripple is doomed, cant seem to make a case though.
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