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  1. I wish Seoulite would create a thread dedicated for me too, i envy you banister. Seoulite has been my crush since high school. <3
  2. Anyone know what's up with the username "fahimth14"? He just pm me offering some btc but in return i need to do some fudding to back him up. I've done enough fud in my life as ex-btc maxi, I'm not going that path again, I decided to expose him, i hate bribes.
  3. Xrp volume these few days has been crushing it, exceeding eth and bnb, almost exceeded btc. I envision it will go to no. 2 in cap in not so distant future. And if the ODL thing got widespread like corona virus, dethroning btc as no.1 is not so unlikely anymore. Anyone with some brain cells know the shortcoming of btc. They're only prolonging its death due to personal interest, it can't remain no. 1 forever, someday those who awaken to the truth will outweigh those who personal interest people and push btc below no. 1. - Signed off by Deslie -
  4. Looking back at the 2017 monthly chart, at this rate, our next monthly candle will take us to the psychological level of 10.00 By the way, a lot of my friends starting to post crypto related things in social media, 1 of the hottest meme now is a pic showing a Video call between a loving couple, the guy is having tear on his eyes, the girl asked what's wrong, the guy said I love you, the guy's screen is showing xrp chart spiking to 2 usd. Good times, then an hour ago my friend with long time no contact each other, ask me crypto. Particularly the very visible, hottest crypto right now, xrp. Xrp is everywhere now. The fomo is real. As per my professor's quote "xrp to 26 usd plus"
  5. The crypto gods finally decided to punish me, price now sudden corrected to 1.80 from near 1.95 I'm embracing it.
  6. I'm still in touch with many professors from my uni, i called 2 of them out today for breakfast and lunch separately, i wanted to discuss my career path with them initially. Then i try to start the crypto topic to see if they're into it, surprisingly it is a yes. Both of them are heavily into xrp, as both of them are math professors and love to play with math simulation models, at the end I got the price range of between 26.97 and 174.11 One of them did a further analysis for unlikely favourable scenario, he told me this dumbed down statement to make me understand better : "there's a 10% chance it will go to 498.61434 in this cycle" Take it for what it's worth, i trust them personally, they had history of making big fortunes on investment, their pricing model or whatever model is serving them well. And lastly, I'll meet with the law professor tomorrow. I specifically picked the law in financial sector because there's many many types of law, you have family law, business law, and so on. I believe he has some very interesting input on the sec case, I already informed him the topic we are going to discuss tomorrow. I'm glad I respected my teachers in uni, it paid off now, handsomely.
  7. Okay this is crazy, i didn't expect to get rewarded so soon after swapping everything to xrp, I'm supposed to atone for my sins as an ex-btc maxi. Someone, flame me please, to ease my guilt.
  8. I'm glad I've never been in red ever since I swapped everything to xrp, it just keeps going.
  9. How long has he been in this space? I need some xrp related youtubers to follow so I can catch up with latest news, i unfollowed all btc channel just now and now my feed is empty.
  10. The reason why i was a btc maxi was because I've been wronged by banks. Many banks, multiple times. I needed a loan for emergency purposes, I'm earning an above average salary, but all the banks declined my loan request just because I don't have a credit history, at the end i resorted to shady money lenders who give easy loans at very high interest cost. Some banks called me back to re-assess the loan approval, only to waste my time at the end to reject again, add salt to wound, rejected twice by the same bank. That's when my btc maxi journey began, my hate towards the banking system was genuine and very deep, I got to know a lot of fellow maxi who suffered the same problems with them, such as denying transactions when they needed it the most for it to go thru. After that things began to go wrong, eventually I discovered there's actually only a small portion of people genuinely hate banks. The vast majority of the maxi were actually paid to act like btc maxi. One day i was approached with a deal to spread the maxi vibe to various community, in exchange for very lucrative sum. At first i was thinking its win win to do the thing i like to do while also getting paid. Eventually I got sick of it because there's a need for me to meet my quota. The transaction time and fees are the nail to the coffin, I'm starting to realise btc is not going to be viable, and i wonder why the paid campaign is still working. At this point I still havent open my eyes to xrp. Until recently, long story short I admire ripple's mission, although I still hate banks, but if ripple pull this off, the world will be a better place. You know the rest, i converted everything to xrp.
  11. I was a btc maxi before the sec case got huge publicity, my vision was so narrow that I can only see btc and nothing else, i even bashed a lot of people from the xrp community in the past. I was wrong. I decided to just take a little look at xrp due to the publicity, then small research lead to bigger research and eventually i came to realise that xrp is the one that make the most sense. I'm actually hitting myself now against the wall for not opening my eyes sooner, now i pay the price of entering late at 1 dollar plus. With that said, let's go to the moon.
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