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  1. I believe there is some way to get my XRP back from buying in 2018 since I have my code that starts with a "s"? Is there a step by step instructions somewhere or maybe a Youtube video to help? Obviously would like to get access to these coins again.
  2. Is there a resource (video, directions) to explain the process of how I use my master seed to get the XRP to another exchange?
  3. That's what I wrote down in 2018 (Subject line) as the place I stored my XRP. Now I don't know how to get to "XRP Desktop Wallet". It seems there are multiple XRP desktop wallets today. How many were around in 2018? Was there a dominant one that I probably used? Is there a web address? Reading through other posts, it seems that haveing the secret key starting with a "s" is important. I do still have that written down! I hope that helps and gives me a chance of getting my XRP. Can I transfer the XRP to Coinbase or another exchange directly? Do I have to transfer to another wallet?
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