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  1. I'm not really a fan of third party plugins that charge percentage fees to process transactions especially Coinpayments and those similar to it. Now there are several Wordpress/Woocommerce (and other cart) plugns that allow you to receive payments as a merchant without incurring any fees and the crypto goes straight to your wallet so again there are no catches such as with Coinbase Commerce where they allow free transaction fees but charge a withdrawal fee. The reason some developers are releasing these FREE plugins and software is because they are simply making available what should have been made available years ago. The XRP, ETH and BTC ones out there are great and some incorporate 20+ crypto all without the need for third parties such as Coinpayments and no need to sign up to some nonsense API and user accounts - simply plugin, enter your wallet address and start receiving payments with full ecommerce checkout/cart and automated order update facility. It is the closest way to get P2P payments rather than use third parties that charge money for doing something that does not require third parties anyway. Stay away from Coinpayments and others that charge you for processing your online transactions.
  2. Coinbase does have a good reputation so sending ID to them wouldn't be too much of an issue. I am glad people even today are cautious about who they send their ID to because these are important personal documents and information. I need to check up on the Business accounts to see exactly what they are and what they offer and how they differ from Personal accounts but thanks for the tips and information. You've given me plenty to ponder.
  3. A very detailed explanation Going by what you said I think Coinbase sounds like the obvious choice. I've still got reservations about sending my ID off to these companies to comply with KYC & AML but that's something I probably need to get over. Why are you hesitant to mention withdrawal limits? I was told it is a maximum of $100,000 per day and capped at $500,000 a month. Is that true?
  4. The selfie was a live video one or a photograph? For withdrawal amounts to your bank what are the limits per day/month? Have a favourite out of Kraken and Coinbase for user experience and customer services?
  5. Thanks Do you recall how long it took to pass KYC and most important which documents they asked for?
  6. Which would you say are the easiest/quickest to sign up to and pass KYC?
  7. A valid question. I look forward to the reply.
  8. XRP will have its own space just as Ethereum and Bitcoin have their own spaces. There's no reason to panic and no reason to ask if XRP or Ripple has a chance to succeed. It is currently 3rd largest crypto by market captial, it has announced its deal with Moneygram and it is starting to make all the right noises in the media. Depending on when and at which price an investor purchased XRP will determine whether questions are asked. I purchased 5 years ago and am very happy with how much profit I will make if I sell because I purchased at very low prices and I have no questions to ask and I am not worried. Others that purchased for example at $0.45 a week ago and see the price currently at $0.47 might be asking questions relevant to their situation.
  9. The idea behind LocalRipple.co is to emulate the localbitcoins website and on the surface that is not a bad thing. Anything that can help positively promote XRP/Ripple is a good thing after all. When it comes to this particular website (LocalRipple.co) I have reservations. The TOS are bordering nonsensical for a legitimate, serious business. There is no mention if LocalRipple.co is owned by a company and if so what are their credentials and there is no mention which jurisdiction any potential legal issues will be settled in if things get that far between LocalRipple.co and its users. There are many more things that can be highlighted but I will not spend more time pointing them out. As it stands there is no need to think of LocalRipple.co as a serious business until or unless they stop hiding behind a veil of anonymity Look at the manner in which the representative of this website is posting. The tone is very condescending and is a clear reason why this website should be avoided.
  10. True, research is very important but thanks for the news. They claim to be trading around $500k daily so its tiny but adding XRP will hopefully help those stats increase
  11. https://www.catex.io/term https://www.catex.io/aboutus It is not stated where this exchange is based and if there is a Court case which jurisdiction it would take place in. Who in their right mind would trade on an exchange that does not even list if it an LLC/LTD and what the name of the owner company is?
  12. Allvor have not visited this forum since 6th February 2019 (around 19 days): https://www.xrpchat.com/profile/6944-allvor/
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