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  1. As a reminder - do not store your 24-words anywhere digitally. Your wallet is only as safe as the storage of those words. As soon as you put them on a disk, photo or encrypted zip file, etc - your wallet security is reduced to that security level. By keeping them secure and in hand written form only - your threat vector for theft is only physical. Keep them offline and "air-gapped" from the internet. Always. Glad you've recovered them!
  2. I once saw an issue where I installed "XRP" while I still had the "Ripple" wallet on the Nano - the XRP wallet gave a different public address = 0 balance. Just make sure of the following when you restore your Ledger: Clear all apps you won't be using (BTC, ETH, etc) Use the 24-word seed that was associated with the wallet you were using before the reset. As posted above, confirm the public address and balance using the Bithomp explorer. Should all be there if the correct seed is being used - good luck
  3. Might be running an old version of Node perhaps? I believe await calls are supported on more recent versions.
  4. I learned this neat little trick to auto reconnect a client side websocket. Declare the socket instances as functions and wrap them into the close event. Then outside the functions kick things off by calling the close() function. Now when the sockets gets a closed event, it kicks off the connection again. // Socket Variable declaration var mySocket; // Open const socketOpenListener = (event) => { console.log('Connected'); mySocket.send('hello'); }; // Listen const socketMessageListener = (event) => { console.log(event.data); }; // Closed const socketCloseListener = (event) => { if (mySocket) { console.error('Disconnected.'); } mySocket = new WebSocket('ws://localhost:8080'); mySocket.addEventListener('open', socketOpenListener); mySocket.addEventListener('message', socketMessageListener); mySocket.addEventListener('close', socketCloseListener); }; socketCloseListener();
  5. The BTC txns are accounting for almost 50% of total ledger transactions.
  6. While I didn't build this to specifically look at ODL/xRapid usage - one can see that with a reasonably steady rate of daily transactions, the XRP volume is certainly increasing. The chart includes all XRP payments for the day - but "buried in there" would be any increasing batch payments relating to xRapid growth. https://dex.xrplapps.com/asset.php?ID=XRP
  7. Recently celebrated my 5 year wallet anniversary. Nothing has changed (for the worse) in all that time to consider this a losing investment, only gotten better. Keep looking ahead, don't sweat the small bumps.
  8. Usually when confronted with being asked to provide a solution to increase distribution - it involves a plan resulting in "getting something for nothing". Meaning the have-nots want something for free or close to it, which is in contradiction to the value of the asset already. Ripple is doing a clear majority of the grunt work to provide value to the XRP ecosystem, why shouldn't they distribute or sell as they see fit. Infrastructure, legal, regulation, marketing, development, research, funding and partnerships, plus a responsibility to their shareholders are not trivial expenses and activities. If they "gave it all away" (or even the majority of it), what incentive do they have to continue doing what they are doing just to enrich everyone else? You want more of it, buy it. There's PLENTY of it out there to get while you can.
  9. But having all of it in escrow ensures nobody can buy it all. And you havent provided any solution to distribution, you're just raising a concern with Ripple having alot.
  10. To be honest, not much. How do they go about increasing distribution? They are unlocking 1B a month and anything unsold is returned to escrow. We are seeing amounts returned, so they are clearly satisfying demand each month. And I see adoption picking up great speed, you sure you're seeing everything going on out there?
  11. Yes, I completely agree - it was intended as a redundant question. Post edit - Now also consider that if Allvor had instead chosen to use XRP to use on the platform, they would be well ahead of the game by now, adopted by the growing community, likely have had Ripple backing, and possibly even Xpring funding to support it. They gave up alot for the sake of using their own token and the motives behind that are questionable.
  12. Allvor could have just used the native currency XRP to develop their platform and services - I see the IOU as redundant and self serving. I would ask (as has been done before) why didn't they just use XRP and develop some sort of revenue model based on the implementation of it? Why the coin at all when XRP is readily available and has many existing payment rails to take advantage of? One could just as easily make the case that Allvor is in fact the one encroaching on XRP utility and using the ledger against it. IMHO a token was created where one wasn't needed - a poor execution of a good idea.
  13. Ironically though, the first movers that stand to benefit most using this payment stream method will be content driven by girls, games and gambling. The three pillars of internet growth.
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