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  1. It hasn't gone down that much really. I just don't think there is much to say. Im still waiting on courtcaae outcome.
  2. How do you know this? Lol i highly doubt this and im only new. I think it wwill either go up or drop super low.
  3. This would be bloody amazing. Not getting hopes up though
  4. Not going to lie in aus woke up at 91cents. Now back to over the $1 mark now.12 cent rise this morning never felt sweeter. Thought we were going downnnnnn down down
  5. I really hope you are right! Love a bit of positivity in the doom and gloom
  6. Wow thats so horrible. U cant do that.these people shouldnt be trading 😭. Gambelling is a huge addiction
  7. Unfortunately noone has a crystal ball. Or we would all have the answers. I see it rising for sure. I wouldnt sell at a loss if it was me.
  8. But why hold when you can make even 50 xrp by selling and re buying? Its obviously dropped we knew minute bit coin news came out. Yes we could rally higher but by the charts thats not happening any time soon
  9. This is true. Im planning on buying more at the halving and i do believe in xrp. But the long termers being around for so long you think selling now and buying back in when it drops as most are predicting even if only a little would maximise your money / xrp holdings. Even if you bought back in just before real fomo hit would be a better financial decision. I just thought i must be missing something
  10. Wow super rough. My question all these hodlers (2017 )is why not tap out while we are a little higher than this and buy back in when we are closer to the target?
  11. So just our of curiosity. If we have missed the bullrun is that it for 4 years now? I see some stuff still going up through this.
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