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  1. I was wondering if anyone here could help me or guide me with my uphold account issue. Some background. For the past few years I lurk xrp chat every once in a while. I have also been purchasing xrp on coinbase and I created a wallet on the xrp ledger and transfer and store it there. Well with the price going up a decent amount, and coinbase holding off on xrp trading I figured I would open an account at another exchange so I could exchange some back to USD if needed. So I opened the uphold account and did a trial send and exchange and everything seemed fine. The trial amount was 2500 xrp and the ledger transaction was edit Unfortunately I then sent the majority of my account there on transaction number edit After sending majority of my xrp, when I log in at the top of my account I see “your account is under review” and all outgoing transactions are disabled. I linked my checking account thinking maybe that’s it but it is still under review. So I started looking at reviews for uphold.com online and see a lot of things that make me feel uneasy. At this point I would be fine if they just send the xrp back to my ledger account that I sent it from. I’m looking for some guidance into this issue.
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