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  1. I have done that way back in 2013 and have had no problems. Think it should still work fine.
  2. Same here, just click on another timeframe above the chart and it's all back to normal.
  3. I have been using Bitstamp since 2012 or so and never had a negative experience. Costumer service has been great to me when I lost nu 2nd authentication key, so for me definitely a great exchange!
  4. The nano does not have a destination tag. Exchange adresses do. It's basically to link your xrp to your exchange account. You should be able to withdraw your xrp from Bittrex to the nano wallet adress.
  5. Did a SEPA last Monday and it was confirmed and processed Tuesday.
  6. When you first setup your ledger the secret key is displayed on the ledger's display.. be sure to write it down because I think it's the only time you can read the key..
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