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  1. He is referring to a ledger fork in the Stellar network caused by a misconfiguration of the UNL list... ie: Stellar accidentally forked itself.
  2. How true would that statement hold in today's world?
  3. If you read the original page that quote comes from, you will see that the name "Ripple" is being used in context of the company itself, not the currency. http://web.archive.org/web/20131219081815/ripple.com/wiki/Ripple_credits
  4. To my understanding, XRP was never officially named 'Ripple', although it did have the name 'Ripple Credits' during an earlier stage of development. Be aware that the name 'Ripple' existed long before Jed came up with the idea for XRP.
  5. Not at all. That rant was epic. Please continue...
  6. Like I said... many of those 22 banks are already PARTNERED with Ripple.
  7. Many of those 22 banks are already partnered with Ripple or still in the process of testing the XRP Ledger.
  8. SWIFT is years behind Ripple when it comes to cross-border payment technology.
  9. That's really cool but really creepy at the same time...
  10. Thanks BAX. It's good to see Joel setting the record straight on some of the more important points of this article.
  11. Looks like Jed McCaleb might be the cause of the sudden rise and fall in XRP price... https://steemit.com/ripple/@olyup/fck-you-money-the-rise-and-fall-of-xrp (EDIT: Not according to joelkatz)
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