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  1. So, who's going to guess what the first SIP will be? @Seoulite @brianwalden @Tull @PunishmentOfLuxury @BillyOckham ??
  2. Flare have just released this. “This proposal system is the mechanism by which the initial protocols on Flare and, then, later ongoing upgrades to Flare are tested.” Head on over and read up on it here … https://github.com/flare-foundation/STP/blob/main/STPs/STP_0.md
  3. We discussed a GALA node several months ago, when they were around USD$20k ... and the token was in the low cents. From memory average daily earnings was around 500 tokens so it worked out to $30 give or take. It was looking like 2+ years to recoup the investment on the node. Today the node is USD$62500, the same 500 tokens will bring in around $350 as day, so somewhere in the vicinity of $125k a year ... on todays prices. Much more appealing, if the token price stays strong ... and I wish I'd bought the node at $20K.
  4. A wise approach @Seoulite. If you're not actively using your tokens, leave them wrapped and delegated as the default option would be my suggested best practice, at this stage of the game anyway. Thankfully, only a handful of people have kicked up (to me) about missing the epoch deadline.
  5. These are pretty good odds. 2036/104 prizes is around 1/20. Also, we query the contract (simple definition) to find out addresses delegating to FTSO AU with greater than 500 tokens, so it doesn’t matter where you make the delegation.
  6. We appreciate the kind words. We’ll always try and help where we can and time permitting.
  7. Glad you like it ... and yes, for someone with 500, the possibility of adding another 100, let alone one of the top prizes, is a good inventive. When you do the maths on the rewards for example 500 @ ~1.4 for the epoch leader or 500 @ ~1.0 for us there's not a lot of difference either, so it's well worth taking the risk ... in our opinion.
  8. Our HUGE news, that was delayed a week due to some technical issues ... We’re Running The Biggest Give Away Songbird Has Seen! So far, we’ve generated well over 4.5 million SGB for our delegators, so what better way to celebrate than to run the BIGGEST give away on Songbird to date - 45,000 SGB! There’s 3 major and 100 minor prizes - Just delegate 500 WSGB to FTSO AU in epoch 10 for your chance to win. 1st Prize - 20,000 SGB 2nd Prize - 10,000 SGB 3rd Prize - 5,000 SGB 4th to 104th Prize - 100 SGB All prizes will be randomly drawn and awarded after the end of epoch 10. https://app.ftso.com.au/delegate
  9. Sorry @B088IN .. everything was thrown into disarray when the public and private nodes went down, 5am Tuesday our time. We have our private back node up now, and the public is *touch wood* close. What a nightmare of a week, but onwards we push.
  10. As @Ripleysaid, the Songbird Explorer is the first place you (everyone) should go to check if there's any inconsistencies with what you're seeing in your wallet. It is THE source of truth.
  11. No update @BillyOckham… we’re focussed on getting the price submissions optimized, as you’re no doubt well aware, we’re struggling again. All good “extras” plans go out the window when the foundations need to be focussed on. My apologies.
  12. I see there was an update to Ledger Live. When I went through the process it asked me to changed my MM settings in the advanced section. Tried that, didn’t work, went back to original. Always check to see Blind Signing is still set to Enabled, it sometimes defaults back.
  13. There was an FTSO Monitor tool released to us about 9 days ago, I believe it’s being made public now. I think Flare Community are doing a YT video on it tonight. That should keep you busy for a few days.
  14. No comment @BillyOckham … other than to say, we’re working on 4 things in parallel, and they’re all at different stages. The first will be launched for epoch 9, you’ll know about it well ahead of time.
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