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  1. I know my username and password. I open my gatehub create new wallet do ripple migration. Type the correct username and password to my account and I get the message “This account has been migrated. Access your account at gatehub.net” when I log into my gatehub account the xrp is nowhere to be found. Any ideas? Does a tool exist that you can type in a ripple address and see what gatehub account it is associated with?
  2. Charlotte NC, Ripplers?
  3. @Mercury Read that as KFC and that's all I could think of haha. I'm not sure to best honest if I did KYC with ripple. I read that PDF it brings you the https://id.ripple.com/auth/migrate link. Could KYC help me at all if I just knew the username and not password? As that page doesn't let me get to another step with the invalid username and password.
  4. While this isn't my first post I am new to xrp chat. My previous post detail my explanations. I'm trying to get into my old ripple account.
  5. Does anyone know this information. Did they require your password to be so many characters, so many uppercase, lowercase etc?
  6. @Mercury Thanks for the link. Still not able to get in. What does KFC stand for?
  7. Some more questions if anyone knows.I believe I have my username correct because I have an old email from Ripple asking me to verify my account and the link is https://www.rippletrade.com/#/register/activate/WhatIBelieveMyUsernameHere/then a string of random letters and numbers. Would "WhatIBelieveMyUsernmaeHere" indeed be my username? Also does anyone know what the parameters were for creating a password back in 2013. Did have to include uppercase and lowercase etc.
  8. Thanks guys, not even sure how to run Blob Vault after downloading it. @Eik It does end with an = sign so thank you for likely at least solving that mystery for me.
  9. Hello Everyone, I started with ripple in 2013. Life got busy yada yada. Didn't use the email I had on file with ripple so didn't know about migration. I know my username, my ripple address, but not my password or secret key. Now I did find a 496 character count text file on my old computer I named Ripple Wallet. From researching on the web it appears it might be from something that use to exist for Ripple called Blob Vault? Can anyone confirm? My question is can this 496 characters that I guess contains my secret key? be decrypted? I'd appreciate any help on this and if someone thinks they could fairly easily solve this for me I'd be willing to pay some for the help/walk me through on some sort of messenger.
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