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  1. Guys, An ideia hit me so let me throw a curved ball here. What are the odds XRP will move up or down within the next few days while the BTC SegWit2x or BIP91 dust is in the air? Do you think that for a few days just for a FEW DAYS, XRP and other alt coins will have no direction? In that case, I'm thinking about converting myXRP position to BTC, receive my credit in BCC and immediately after the fork, I will buy my XRP position back? What do you think about this plan? High Risk, Medium Risk, Low Risk, Not Worth it, etc. Cheers,
  2. there is a massive list of withdraws at Coinbase right now that is causing a system congestion. There is a banner warning customers to withdraw their funds by noon July 31. All users who are keeping up with the news are moving their BTCs to wallets where they control the private key.
  3. this can't be their decision alone. we are all involved into this. Please see below and vote. I very much appreciate it.
  4. Hello Gentlemen and Ladies, Since we are all being impacted by the Bitcoin Segwit2x change, I would like to kindly ask you for 1 minute of your precious time and vote for yes/no to the Sigwit2x change. It looks like that they are only listening to the miners but what about us? vote here or http://www.esurveyspro.com/App/Polls/DirectPoll.aspx?id=50424 I will run this poll in every social media I can remember but please help spread the word feel free to copy and send the link. There are no catches or soliciting, I just would like for this to be a 100% collaborative decision. Miners, Exchanges and Customers should be heard. Thanks a lot.
  5. I agree. As a software developer, I have been studying bots lately and I believe that with the right buying power one can influence the market to go up in small fractions but high volume then when they stop their buy orders they sell on a margin to fill their position when it is low again. I have been tracking Hudson River Trading and Rialto AI. I believe in Ripple's team ethics and integrity. The manipulation is done by traders not by Ripple. I also believe that the Exchanges are prone to manipulation and they might favor big accounts. For example: if they offer a VIP customer a privilege on faster settlements that would give that VIP an advantage over commoners. And believe me when I say that they are all using bots. Without a bot you can only bet long term. A day trader uses bots.
  6. Litecoin has already implemented Segwit and successfully released last month. So far so good.
  7. Sell your ETH and buy XRPs. Last opportunity to buy XRP below 0.30. Don't cry later!
  8. As early as 1776, Adam Smith, one of the founding characters of classical economics, wrote about speculation as market regulating, coining it as a key factor in trading.
  9. Great idea, I opened a post directly at Ripple asking them why not. Let's campaign until they answer to us.
  10. This is for Ripple team. Please tell us why you have not created a social media marketing team. Why doesn't your marketing seem to be very active when compared to ETH? The community would like to see a more pro active behavior from your marketing department. Please kindly let us know. Thanks,
  11. Not to us! We are sold already otherwise we wouldn't be here. We need XRPs at Publix, Kroger, Wal-Mart, Walgreen's, Gas stations, etc Retail in general. Point of Sales that can transact with XRPs and even other alt coins. BTC has ATMs in many places, etc. XRPs need more exposure in my opinion. Not just marketing but to put real dollars into the system is still painful. A soccer mom does not want to deal with any of that!
  12. Sorry buddy, with all the due respect you are incorrect! Banks will not choose the best tech, they will choose whatever keeps them on the top of the food chain, whatever gives them the most profit, banks aren't nice! They are looking after themselves, if you come up with an incredible system solution to cut overdrafting fees do you really think that they want that?
  13. If that happens I'm ready to buy 100,000 XRPs! Just waiting for that small window of opportunity!
  14. It does not matter Ripple has the better tech. I have seen this before aka Betamax vs VHS then Sony learned the lesson and recovered with the Blu-ray vs HD DVD. How many opportunities Ripple will have to prove itself we don't know but I think they only have one shot at this. So they better make their marketing work in parallel with technology. Another example was Tesla vs Edison. The best technology will not always win. Aka Apple vs Microsoft. I really hope that Ripple isn't relying on a passive marketing campaign and word of mouth through the XRP chat. With the money they have now why not a TV/Radio campaign ? CNN, Bloomberg, Jay Leno, Good Morning America, schools, universities, etc. Just scream out loud: I AM RIPPLE!
  15. Do you think that the majority of folks who bought XRP below $0.01 are done selling? These are the first Ripple millionaires.
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