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  1. I have seen a couple bold - and incredibly unlikely - statements like this in the past few weeks from big name sources in the news and financial industry. It makes me wonder how they will back track later. I do think a lot of the current coins will go away and those with real use cases and utility will remain, but I am amazed at the stance some are digging their heels into that that cryptocurrencies are some sort of passing phase...
  2. I think that is talking about them not wanted to accept crypto as payment from customers, though, it is not referring to them using it for their own settlement like they currently use SWIFT and fiat. I think that is a FUDish spin the author put on it using that title.
  3. The article says: "Last month, an unnamed source told Ripple News that Western Union is exploring the adoption of Rippleā€™s XRP blockchain technology this year, potentially another move to enhance its cross-border payments capabilities." That indicates they still are working on it.
  4. Good for you and your 50 hours. Gold star. Not everyone does research in the same way. Particularly those new to the space. I agree that sometimes FUDsters post FUD cloaked as a question, but just ignore it! Not everyone asking for information is a FUDster. This forum is unbiased and has a good reputation because people ask questions and converse about all sides of Ripple/XRP - they don't just blow smoke about the upside of Ripple/XRP.
  5. If you can't handle people asking about xCurrent vs. xRapid avert your eyes. This forum is a place to ask questions. It is WHERE a lot of people do their research. It is not going to be filled with only tech and crypto nerds who fully understand everything there is to know about XRP, Ripple products, blockchain, DL, etc.. There are going to be A LOT of people looking at investing in XRP who do not fully understand. Prepare to be annoyed.
  6. Yes. However, it gives us a telescope view past the dumping to the other side in February: "The unspoken power of the lunar calendar on Bitcoin ties in conveniently with another pattern, that of steep corrections precluding further upward price action in the coming period."
  7. Another member (@DutchTom) mentioned this article in a different sub, but I thought it should be mentioned separately as it is interesting. A different article (https://bitcoinist.com/bitcoin-price-lunar-new-year-lows/) about this topic notes: "...Meanwhile, a more light-hearted commentary on the price lows came from data analysis showing Bitcoin systematically set its lowest value for each of the past three years in the second week of January. The bottom came January 15, 16 and 12 for 2015, 2016 and 2017 respectively. The unspoken power of the lunar calendar on Bitcoin ties in conveniently with another pattern, that of steep corrections precluding further upward price action in the coming period."
  8. https://ripplenews.tech/2018/01/16/cryptocurrencies-falling-lunar-new-year/ "This selloff has happened exactly 3 weeks before Lunar New Year each of the last 4 years."
  9. You should make this a separate post, so it doesn't get buried here. It's interesting.
  10. Birdybird

    Thank you!

    If you had learned about it a month earlier, you might not have been as confident in investing in it at that point and might have chosen not to. A month earlier it was around .21, but had been stuck there for several months even in the face of a lot of good news over those months. Many people were frustrated about this and there was a lot of negative articles in the crypto media circle about it. The lock up relieved much of that uncertainty. The point where you invested was the "lift off" period. The lock up and ensuing price increase from .21 to .40 to .50 to .60 etc. showed price increases could be sustained and gave everyone waiting and watching on the sidelines the positive signal they were looking for and was the impetus for the price increases which followed and which continue. You are quite lucky. That was a great point of entry. You should thank your friend!
  11. Nearly every single alt was down by similar percentages today. People get very myopic during downturns and focus in on their favorite coins without looking at the overall trends and patterns. And FUDsters capitalize on this. This article is a good example.
  12. Is it all in XRP? Or do you hold other types of currency on Gatehub?
  13. DiData is a provider of IT infrastructure for, among other sectors, the Financial Services industry. They have a solid reputation in their space.
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