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  2. So the time line is not just local fiat rails + xrp transit, but the processing time at an exchange post conversion from fiat to xrp, and whilst holding xrp ready for conversion to fiat. This is exchange inneficiencies which could be reduced with greater liquidity and attention from the exchanges or future market makers.
  3. David Schwartz said xrp would be held for minutes during a settlement deal. Is this correct? I thought most of the time taken was due to fiat transfer over local rails and not due to xrp exchange from/to fiat or xrp 'movement' from one wallet toanother (few seconds).
  4. The 1 billion is not released to the market. It is for Ripple to use if they wish to. What would you do with investment funds if you were Ripple? Probably none of the actions that result in the negative outcomes you identified in your post. One thing being considered is acquisitions. To date funds have been used to incentivise partners. Hence the resources held by Ripple in escrow are often described as a (very powerfull) war chest. John
  5. Praise and thanks to Ripple indeed. It is clear that there was no risk to the funds.
  6. I am surprised this wasn't picked up in the ~six months of preparation. Also shows that the staged and 'slow' roll-out of Ripple's software is absolutely the right strategy and anyone beighing for faster progress is just wishing for a fall. Doesn't bode well for more complex assets, Ether etc., which is why I stay out. Critisism is exactly what they should get.
  7. Journalists just picked up the quote on the iota market place web site and ran with it. Still up. Iota foundation happy to stoke fomo it seems.
  8. Well done the Korean bank. As a minimum this should spur other banks to adopt ways to reduce their charges in response, by adopting alternatves to swift, such as ripple and xrp.
  9. Spartan: i followed the exact same method. They have your tag (so they know the payment was from you) and your ether wallet so they know where to deposit your tokens. I assume thats how it works (nothing to do with bitstamp now on). BTW: I'm new to this so i look forward to seeing things work out. Next challenge will be what to do with the tokens when they arrive, assuming we have both got the process right. ATB.
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