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  1. I've tried every code on my saved paragraph that's all codes, nothing's working I am at a loss here I don't know what to do. Do you know who I can contact or call to get this resolved. Please help!
  2. And I don't know what salt1 and Salt2 are and I have one that is accounts and then I have one that is PP Secret then one that is RP salt
  3. I have a row that starts "rpsecret" : 8.... long code. And my 6 word code won't work...... Did I get hacked?
  4. EXP wallet, through ripple
  5. My computer Chromebook did an automatic factory reset, even had to change my password on my email. After reloading everything on I am not able to log on to my xrp wallet with my passcode. I have the capture saved but can't figure it out with all the whole column of letters and numbers. Need help please
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