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  1. Yep, this is what I'd like to see: Banner ads on, sponsored posts on Reddit, signature campaign on, and a full-court press on the digital currency media with articles and editorials on why RCL/XRP is going to be the Next Big Thing. I don't want to hear about boring cross border payments, bank consortiums, and endless "proof of concept" - Lets take this directly to the people (you know, the people who put $26b of market cap into all cryptos)!
  2. This is what Ripple has been needing for 2+ years now, some journalism in cryptocurrency news and blogs!
  3. And by the way, we considered all of these possibilities. The analysis showed that it would be worse. Respectfully, if you believe otherwise I think you should fork the code and do some experiments. NuDB is a very simple library, there's not much too it. If you have questions, just open a GitHub issue and I would be more than happy to answer them right away!
  4. The startup costs are massive. NuDB doesn't store keys at all in the key file, it only stores their non-cryptographic hash. This is to be able to fit as many entries as possible into each bucket so that the most work is done per read from the key file. To build the bloom filter would require iterating the data file.
  5. The problem is building the bloom filter on the initial launch, you'd have to iterate all the keys in the database, thats a huge startup cost! Resizing the bloom filter is similarly painful. And persisting it on disk (i.e. update it as you go) is very complicated to implement and impacts performance in other ways. The usefulness of the bloom filter is proportional to the ratio of memory divided by number of keys. As the number of keys approaches infinity, the usefulness of a bloom filter goes to zero.
  6. I think market participants' desire to hoard has nothing to do with Ripple's inventory and everything to do with the expectation of future price increase.
  7. Great question!! Because NuDB is designed for databases that have an obscene number of keys. Constructing/maintaining the Bloom filter would be quite time consuming. And it couldn't all fit into memory. NuDB uses a fixed amount of memory no matter how big the database!
  8. Thanks everyone! This helped a lot!
  9. This is my shameless promotion of my library NuDB, and begging for Reddit upvotes (please upvote)
  10. @plutopark That's a very nicely written analysis, and I agree with your point regarding Dash!
  11. I measure the success of a company or group that creates a digital currency in terms of its market share relative to the dominant digital currency:
  12. This picture tells the whole story. Gemini exchange came out after BTC already gained a lot of value: Source:
  13. I think this is completely backwards. One of the reasons crypto exchanges use BTC as the base currency on all trading pairs for crypto and fiat, is because bitcoin holds so much value. You have cause and effect reversed.