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  1. no, No, NO! I would be so pissed if someone did this, and I would imagine there are plenty of other people would would not want this either. As much as I dislike Jed's actions, blocking people in this fashion is completely immoral and violates the spirit of the network. It undermines trust in the ledger and constitutes abuse. Practically speaking it would destroy most if not all of the value of the currency. People would flee in droves, knowing that their balances could become worthless on a whim.
  2. oops, forgot to add that: * A hand-picked all star development team with over two centuries of collective experience.
  3. Talking only about XRP and not even mentioning the other cool features on RCL: * XRP transaction settles on the ledger in a matter of seconds * The fees for sending XRP are incredibly low * There's no artificial limit on the "block size" * RCL doesn't waste energy on mining * XRP is not involved in shady dark web markets or criminal activity * Its in Ripple's best interest financially to be a wise steward of the crypto-currency This is an important point, because of the large XRP position held by the company. There's been a lot of speculation about motives but if you think about it logically, XRP is a valuable asset and it would be foolish to sell it recklessly while holding large quantities. Its in the company's best interests to act in a manner that is ethical and productive - harming the community of XRP holders is not a viable long term plan. * Although RCL is still moving towards decentralization, its in Ripple's best interests to operate validators ethically Its in Ripple's best interests to make sure that RCL operates ethically and fairly. Taking action that runs contrary to the spirit of a decentralized system is again not a viable long term plan. Look at Ethereum, they forked the network because they didn't like one of the contracts. And this, from a system which is supposed to enforce "code is law?" * A hand-picked all star development team with over two centuries of collective experience. * RCL is backed by a company that can afford to pay developer salaries This last one is huge. Right now Bitcoin is going through a governance crisis. You've got the Core team which has been co-opted by Blockstream, they are paid by Blockstream, there's a massive conflict of interest. They won't increase the block size, and instead they are peddling this massively overcomplicated Segwit, for what appears to be ulterior motives. The opposing consensus is that they are intentionally limiting the performance of the Bitcoin system to make their commercial alternative (Lightning network) more appealing. And then you have bad actors which own all the social media for Bitcoin. The bitcointalk forum, the bitcoin subreddit, the bitcoin website, and the official bitcoin GitHub repository. Censorship rules the day on these sites. * Anyone can develop software that runs on RCL There's plenty of documentation on the wiki, and RCL is open-access. Want a better wallet? You can write it. Shopping cart? Nothing is stopping anyone from building applications that work with XRP. They can build exchanges, e-commerce applications, the sky is the limit. Has been from day one. I think that if you compare XRP to BTC at this moment in time, in many ways it is superior. As a pure cryptocurrency XRP has many appealing features. All this and we have not even said a word about the non-XRP features. I have also not mentioned any of the company's publicly stated plans such as ILP or the MM program (and these plans are great). If you look at XRP all by itself just with what's already there, its a great cryptocurrency and competes quite favorably with the others. XRP can fill all the use-cases that Bitcoin can, and do a better job of it for the reasons stated above. If people are excited about Bitcoin they should also be excited about XRP.
  4. No not at all, its the end of year so there are holidays, next year's planning, and management responsibilities. In other words some non-development work. Usually what you will see from me are alternating periods of intense rapid development followed by shorter periods with less activity. There's one last tough design issue in Beast before I can submit it to a Boost formal view (it's here: rippled is going to gain support for the WebSocket permessage-deflate extension (i.e. compression). All this library work will pave the way for some great improvements to rippled's server component (the part that serves JSON-RPC over HTTP and WebSocket). Lots to do, and I'm not going anywhere!
  5. Oh hey look at that:
  7. From "As part of the settlement, McCaleb has sold his equity in Ripple, and has agreed to sale controls on 5.3bn XRP owned by him and his children. An additional 2bn XRP will be donated to an as-yet-undisclosed charitable fund. The sale controls are tied to daily volume in XRP markets. For the first year, according to Ripple, McCaleb will be unable to sell more than 0.5% of average daily volume "for each day of the week, including weekends and holidays". During the second and third years of the agreement, this amount grows to 0.75%, while it accounts for 1.0% in the fourth year. Beyond the fourth year, the amount is set to 1.5%."
  8. You're asking me to speculate on the price of XRP, which I am totally unqualified to do. But if I had to venture a guess, I would say that the price movements are largely driven by speculation. According to the market cap changed by $80m in the last 3 months, am I supposed to believe that's all employee selling? LOL...
  9. Oh that is definitely interesting! But... I'm not a fan of troll boxes. And I don't want to just show up there as a new person, I feel more comfortable in the xrpchat community. But if someone else wants to ask the question there and summarize the results here, who am I to stop them?
  10. Haven't eaten a Dorito in quite a few years, and I hope to never eat one again.
  11. LOL!!!! Love it!!!
  12. Speaking only for myself here, from time to time I like to do a reality check on my views. I do this by getting perspectives from different folks, especially outside of the company. There are quite a few people here who are long on XRP who thoughts I find directly relevant to my interests, since I am also long on XRP. I have no illusion that I am right about everything so its great to get external confirmation on ideas that agree with my own, and also to know when I might be missing part of the bigger picture when ideas are at odds with my beliefs. How else to find out without asking? Also, I have been busy working so I haven't been on the forums and regular cryptocurrency outlets much, this is a nice "catch-up" to see where things are at. And its a great thread that consolidates a lot of thoughts into one cohesive discussion. Do not forget that rippled is open source software, and the RCL is intended to be a decentralized, distributed system which allows equal access to all. Everyone matters, and we should encourage all discussions. It is true that Ripple as a company is focused on fintech more in tune with the banking sector, but the rippled software part that I work on is a general purpose platform and quite usage-agnostic. Nothing in the company's strategy stops an enterprising individual from developing their own software that operates on the RCL. As far as cryptocurrencies go, I have my own opinions about XRP relative to the others which I might elaborate more on soon in a separate post. --- I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to respond, it is appreciated!
  13. LOL...I can't do anything about things that happened before I joined the company!