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  1. Maybe Im wrong but as I understand closing a short position only pushes the prices up if you losing money , most of the shorts happend betwen 1,23$-1$
  2. The account is at 1Bill right now: https://xrpscan.com/account/rDbWJ9C7uExThZYAwV8m6LsZ5YSX3sa6US
  3. In one month Jed's escrow wallet will be empty and Flare network will be launched.
  4. The 2013 BTC bullrun looks really similar to what we are having right now, some people argue that we could actually be in the yellow zone and there is still room left for a new ATH, i guess we need to wait. There are 4 scenarios for the XRP run: 1) If we actually are in the yellow zone and XRP is doing the 2013 bull run we are about to moon. 2) What XRP has done so far looks much more like the 2017 bull run, if thats the case and BTC has already reached its ATH for this bullrun we should moon once it starts retracing 3) We are in the yellow zone and XRP is doing the 2017 bullrun, in that case we still have to wait for BTC to reach new ATH, retrace and then moon. 4) XRP miss the bullrun. Sry for the crappy english.
  5. Did some TA and it looks really similar to what happened on the 2017 run, reaching 20k sats would leave us on 9,5$ with the current BTC price or around 13,5$ if BTC reaches full extension, a range of prices that has been talked a lot by BCB.
  6. Jed's wallet is sitting at 1B https://bithomp.com/explorer/rDbWJ9C7uExThZYAwV8m6LsZ5YSX3sa6US
  7. Any chance we get the FLARE drop before the end of alt season?
  8. Why is a problem if BG sells XRP? The market showed us how important is to diversify in case you get sued by SEC or your coin dont get tweeted by some random celebrity.
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