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  1. Video games are now quite a profitable area that brings a good income. I think this is the main reason. According to modest statistics, gamers earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, and companies make millions. It is not surprising that the guys who make money are interested in something like this. A lot of attention is now focused on the game LOL. They have a large fanbase, a strong marketing campaign. Recently, I also started playing it, having bought a league account on one convenient service. I advise everyone who wants to play but does not want to waste time on pumping. And it's worth playing—an amazing game.
  2. I would also like to get my salary in cryptocurrency. I invest as much as I can in cryptocurrencies because I think that in the future they will become very popular and almost everyone will use it. I wait for the time when the price of crypto will raise a lot and start selling them. I have a $40,000 salary a year, and I was always putting money on my bank account, as savings. My friend said that this is not correct and I should use that money to make more money, and he told me about the investments. I was very interested because it is a good way to make money almost from nothing.
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