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  1. I will share my thoughts on these perhaps tomorrow. Thanks for the write-up!
  2. If you could do these 3, it would be awesome: 1. Ripple, the internet of value & the remonetization of gold 2. Evolution of money: the old, the fiat, and the digital 3. Taking the blinders off crypto-anarchism: Privacy VS Secrecy
  3. I find this table by SBI quite useful in understanding the roles of XRP-Ledger and ILP within the ecosystem. Source : http://www.sbigroup.co.jp/english/investors/disclosure/presentation/pdf/170727presentations.pdf
  4. From here : https://github.com/neo-project/docs/blob/master/en-us/index.md#cross-chain-interoperability-agreement-neox Sounds pretty much like ILP. Questions in my mind - will there be competing protocols as eco-systems develop? Will there eventually be one protocol that would dominate, or multiple protocols with overlapping use-cases and participants? Perhaps similar and overlapping protocol may eventually come to an agreement and merge?
  5. CoinDash ICO hacked

    Conspiracy theories abound. People suggesting it was an inside job due to dubious leadership connection with another previous scam. https://www.reddit.com/r/Antshares/comments/6nteu8/coindash_hacked_do_not_invest/
  6. WOW am I Impressed

    Thanks for the sharing! Good to hear a real-world application of Ripple already benefiting end-users! More to come soon™! Here is the news regarding FlashFX from 2016 - https://ripple.com/insights/flashfx-uses-ripple-xrp/
  7. Price is pretty much flattened out. I don't see those sells as being "massive" in nature. Could it be a result of pegging to other currencies? Yes, possibly. Could it be some whales not wanting to shove XRP price down, but only sell when the opportunity/volume arises to diversify? Yes, possibly. Could it be traders who are playing the range for some short term profits? Yes possibly. There are various possibilities and perhaps more likely a combination of them. But looking at the big picture, you can see this is pretty much a time of price stabilization. Sort of when you twang a spring on one end, and after some time it comes to rest. If you look at the chart so far for 2017, this is most evident. If the big circle is going to be replicated like the smaller one on the left, then perhaps this stable price range could go on for quite some time without any new developments.... but as we know, some new developments are kicking into gear soon. So I do not think this stagnant price would extend over to 2018.
  8. Because Donald Duck is the current president. (Joking) A paradigm shift in 'money' is coming. For years, the go-to money are FIAT currencies with USD being the world reserve for trade and international commerce (sort of like BTC in cyrpto-world). However the value of FIAT is intrinsically tied to the faith in the issuing central bank & the govt/country in question. There has been no other forms of money that can be feasibly used in the modern and growing world economy. The US govt had initially tried to tie the value of their fiat to gold (old money), but had to leave that behind due to being unable to create ample liquidity when the need arose (hampered growth). And so, the value of FIAT was ripped from old money forever; dumping gold and other precious metals as a 'commodity' rather than as 'money'. When we examine crypto-currencies today (also called Digital Currencies). We see that they emerged and evolved without tying their intrinsic value to FIAT (Unlike USD which was initially tied to gold). This is a very good and clean start. Digital currencies as we see today tie their intrinsic value to their use-cases and the strength of their underlying tech. Every time news pops out regarding either component (use-case or tech), you would see the crypto-market react accordingly. And as with evolution, there will be many that die off leaving only the environmentally adapted to survive (digital currencies with strong use-cases and underlying tech). So 'money' in the age of the Internet of Value (IoV) would possibly come in 3 forms: 1. Old Money: Traditional safe haven assets such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium could be reinstated as money through IoV. Their intrinsic value is tied to their physical form. 2. Fiat Currencies: The current form of money digitized into tokens on IoV. The intrinsic value is tied to the issuing central bank, govt, country. 3. Digital Currencies: Crypto-currencies that are still in the early stages of evolution. The intrinsic value is tied to the use-case and strength of underlying tech. As an investor, I look for growth. The USD has already spent decades as the world reserve currency, used this to leverage on debt, and has now piled on so much debt carried by others. Would these others who are already carrying a boatload of US debt want to take on more of the same, or would they look at the opportunity presented by IoV to reduce their position into various digital currencies and/or the stocks (if any) of these new and promising companies? Which intrinsic value do you prefer? I prefer the intrinsic value of old money and digital currencies more than fiat, when i take into account the current global political landscape.
  9. I like this post by @CyberpunkWayne, as it describes the situation (somewhat) - https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/5202-blindsided-truth-biases-and-why-xrp-is-undervalued/ There is also another type of person who would step on the hundred dollar bill (or stack of), thus hiding it from sight from everyone else walking by; only to pick it up when no one else is looking.
  10. They are done with pre crowdsale - https://medium.com/@RialtoAI/pre-crowdsale-40-end-report-e38c1c01ee1b
  11. @miguel @JoelKatz Wondeing if Ripple has had any correspondences with Rialto... seeing how they are also helping to provide liquidity to RCL.
  12. Why sell xrp to individuals?

    When XRP was created, the vision for Ripple's use-cases were clear, but the route to get there was still very vague (Jed had differing ideas & ILP was not yet envisioned). It was (and still is) normal for ICOs and the sale of tokens to form a revenue stream, although in Ripple's case they also had very good institutional funding. So it isn't really a matter of 'why' XRP can be sold/held by individuals, but just knowing that it always had been in Ripple's history. As of now, some utility in providing liquidity and token acceptance can be viewed as the main reasons as to why XRP continues to be held by individual public hands. With payments use-case coming online soon™, XRP can and will probably be filling that role as a payment currency held by individuals. But for that to go full steam, there is a lot more work to be done in getting the masses to know of, and accept XRP as a recognized digital currency.
  13. Is XRP a "one trick pony"?

    @ObservantOne Tulo is correct here. Ripple connect alone is Swift's competitor (some functions and more). Ripple Consensus Ledger (RCL) has also been renamed to "XRP-Ledger" to further give focus on XRP as the native token within the ledger. If you look at the diagram, Ripple Connect bridges various private bank ledgers to RC-Cloud (possibly using ILP).
  14. Yep, i share the same opinion as you. That is why I found his current valuation of $10 too lofty.