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  1. Hopefully when "the price has taken care of itself" , liquidity and volume will be large enough for stability to be a norm. Nevertheless an active involvement in XRP markets will likely take the form similar to how fiat currencies can be managed; within a band with an allowance for price inflation giving allowance for growth.
  2. Market-making is not trading or gambling. The risks can be minimized (counter party risk holding the IOUs) and profits are almost certain.
  3. Many of them hold a negative bias towards banks in general and fall for the fallacy of composition. They need to realize that: Ripple can do for money what the internet did for information Monetization of physical gold/silver is more possible with Ripple than any other solution today With IoV, there will never be a one world currency (nor the need to have one) Power linked to money in a world with IoV would be more evenly distributed than centralized in the way it is managed today
  4. @zk-Snarks Thanks for the heads-up. I took a look at it through a tor browser. It looks like a scam-bait site. Copying directly some of Ripple's distinct website elements. Please report it to Facebook and Ripple. @nikb @JoelKatz
  5. I like this point the best : "7) This will increase the demand for XRP as connectors need XRP to buy the destination currency for their trades."
  6. Translated portions using google: SBI Ripple Asia Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshitaka Kitao), a subsidiary of SBI Holdings Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Director: Takafumi Okita) has concluded the construction of a new remittance infrastructure and its commercialization aimed at conducting more practical discussions and environment as well as advanced experiments on virtual currencies and block chains in parallel with the start of commercialization by participating financial institutions during the current fiscal year aims to unify the domestic currency exchange and foreign exchange, utilizing new technology such as block chain / distributed ledger technology
  7. Any usage of RCL would also utilize XRP due to transaction cost & account creation. But these are minimal and adjustable. The main course is bridging by the market-makers (or market-making funds). They would need large amounts of XRP for liquidity in filling the order books to catch the most profits.
  8. That topic below:
  10. I believe RC Cloud & Network (Ripple) both refer to RCL in slightly different permutations, with the former including market-makers.
  11. Japanese. They make everyone else look lazy.
  12. When banks currently buy XRP from Ripple. They do so for the pilot phase of testing and to provide ample liquidity in providing the initial cross-border transactions (what we are seeing now). This is similar to a company that gives you a sample of their product to test it out. The main bulk of XRP in providing the liquidity for cross-border transactions or remittances will be utilized by Market-Makers. A market-maker may be a separate investment company that partners the bank to provide this liquidity, or it may be a subsidiary of the bank itself. Market-makers would be setup the same manner as mainstream investment funds; i.e. investors buy into the funds themselves. E.g. If I think that remittances between Singapore and India is very high thus profitable, I would put my money into a 'Singapore-India Market Making Fund'. Or if I think that remittances between South America and US is high, I would put my money into a 'US-South Americas MM Fund'. Such funds may potentially give a very high profit margin with lower risks as compared to other traditional investment portfolios. Why? This is because MM funds are a new animal. Profits that were made by banks using the current antiquated cross-border remittance network will all be channelled into these new investment vehicles due to superiority in speed and transaction cost. When mainstream investors start seeing the good money in these MM funds, they will be piling in... and the early birds catch the fattest worms. Such Market-Making funds would not be buying XRP from Ripple. These monies are investment monies and they would be getting XRP liquidity from the open market. So the whole "banks will not use XRP" is a half-truth. No, but market-makers will, and they will need a lot of XRP to bridge the multi-trillion remittance demand globally.
  13. Thanks for the vid. The fallacy of composition is always applied to banks and governments especially within tinfoil hat communities today. Banks are made up of multiple businesses, trading desks, departments, teams, etc., and individuals. Additionally, there are thousands of banks in many different countries that operate on similar business models. Can it be said that ALL banks are screwing the global public? When narrowed down to a handful of banks caught for manipulation crimes - can it then be said that ALL trading desks, departments, teams, individuals including the pantry boy are guilty? If not, who are the individuals then? Do we lay blame on the individuals and leadership who allowed these crimes to take place, or do we blame 'the banks' as an entirety? Similarly, do we pick out individuals within the government whom are complicit to these crimes, or do we lay blame on the entire administration? One needs to be mindful of the fallacy of composition, as it sows the seed of stereotyping, racism and possibly blind lynching of innocents.
  14. Jokes aside, nutters tin-foils have always misconceived the notion of a 'world currency'. They perceive it as an intentional creation for the control of humanity by an evil elite class. They are too dumb unable to understand that it is an inevitable evolution of trade and commerce coupled with technological advancement. As the world gets "smaller", so will the natural demand for ease/speed of trade and commerce.