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  1. Price chasing usually means you end up buying high and selling low. Fundamentals, patience and timing is key. DYODD for timing, and it's anyone's guess as info is under wraps. If you look at the fundamentals, all other "coins" do not hold a candle to XRP. This is perhaps why it isn't following the other shitcoin trends of pumps and dumps. Money in all other coins are 99% spec : 1% investment. In XRP it is the reverse. Don't chase tulips.
  2. I would assume he was quiet about Ripple more than a year ago? I smell fear. Because deep down everyone knows that *most* shitcoins have the cart before the horse. They are finding a purpose for a coin and focusing on shoving that coin down peoples' throats. There is 0 value in doing that and serves no benefit to anyone else other than the first few out the door. In good business, you find a need, and create a product to meet that need. What you'd get if you do it the other way around is a door-stop or paper weight.
  3. That's really up to you. I have an account with gatehub and bitstamp. DYODD
  4. Gateways are simply issuers of IOUs on RCL (Ripple Consensus Ledger). They take money from you (e.g. USD), and then they send USD IOUs to your wallet on RCL. E.g. - If I am operating a gateway, and you give me $100 USD in physical cash. - On RCL, I send 100USD.roborovskii to your wallet (rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
  5. They may not be bridging through XRP. It could be going through a network of trusted market makers using IOUs. Regardless, XRP will be burnt up with each transaction.
  6. Several years ago... but you only just started this account in Dec 2016 (a month ago), which coincides with the influx of FUD in the forum. There has been much FUD introduced lately, and many from new account like yours. I can understand the negativity coming from familiar old names, and from those, their concerns are backed up and rational. Yours is purely ungrounded FUD. From my perspective, the influx is purely from short-term (short sighted) specs, or from polo fear mongers (or "bitcoiners") trying to suppress the positive development at Ripple. These people use price as their basis, not fundamentals. They probably lack the mental capacity to understand the fundamentals in the first place. Their motives are fuelled by jealously and fear. Too much has been invested in BTC. Comparing XRP's price performance to other crypto coins is redundant. While most cryptos can be pumped (and have likely been), XRP having a large % holding by Ripple guards against pumps. Many see that % holding as negative, I see it as a protection against the pumpers in crypto land providing stability to the price. Fear mongering that Ripple could dump XRP into the market is also unfounded. The very fiat currency that you own can also be printed to infinity; wouldn't you also be afraid that your govt would do that? I guess not. It's the faith in the country or govt that keeps the value of fiat currency afloat; and like-wise for XRP, the all star team that is behind it. Many XRP holders who have mostly been quiet don't follow the daily or weekly fluctuations. That is why they don't post. We put what we can afford for the longer term and know the risks involved. I have not posted much at length in the recent months, and even made jokes about the price performance in 2016; but the FUD here is getting out of hand. Long term holders know the fundamentals and ignore the short-term FUD. Yes the price is still low. Isn't it a good thing then for you? What's the downside? And how much upside is there? Look at the fundamentals.
  7. I think this means the trading does not take place on RCL, but on bitstamp?
  8. I've been waiting for this - "The key to this interoperability is liquidity: tighter spreads and deeper order books."
  9. "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
  10. rst, more details given here (e.g. public address, time, etc.) would be logical. Else this post would just seem like a random flame at gatehub. A response from gatehub would also help.
  11. Sometime in the near future, perhaps an even larger granite piece outside the Ripple building.
  12. ILP is a better approach than R3's single proprietary blockchain.
  13. 10 years to world domination! Muahahaha~!
  14. "MAS is looking to significantly simplify and shorten the authorisation process for new VC managers," Tharman said at the launch of Singapore's first innovation space designated for Fintech. "Further, to the extent that there are contractual safeguards to provide sufficient protection to a VC's sophisticated investor base, MAS is also looking to exempt VC managers from business conduct requirements that are currently applied to asset managers in general."