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  1. I think this means the trading does not take place on RCL, but on bitstamp?
  2. I've been waiting for this - "The key to this interoperability is liquidity: tighter spreads and deeper order books."
  3. "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
  4. rst, more details given here (e.g. public address, time, etc.) would be logical. Else this post would just seem like a random flame at gatehub. A response from gatehub would also help.
  5. Sometime in the near future, perhaps an even larger granite piece outside the Ripple building.
  6. ILP is a better approach than R3's single proprietary blockchain.
  7. 10 years to world domination! Muahahaha~!
  8. "MAS is looking to significantly simplify and shorten the authorisation process for new VC managers," Tharman said at the launch of Singapore's first innovation space designated for Fintech. "Further, to the extent that there are contractual safeguards to provide sufficient protection to a VC's sophisticated investor base, MAS is also looking to exempt VC managers from business conduct requirements that are currently applied to asset managers in general."
  9. This is good news. Exec Chair is a good role for Chris as he seems to excel in direction and vision. Ripple has grown a lot over the past few years and responsibilities in the role of CEO would definitely have burgeoned exponentially. This would basically give Chris the mental space, time and emotional capacity for what he already excels at, while allowing Brad who has extensive past experience as a lead horse to run the daily business.
  10. "If market conditions permit, we expect our company to hold approximately 50 billion XRP by the end of 2021. This schedule is indicative and discretionary." I see this as an intention that Ripple has to hold/lock-up 50 billion XRP until 2021. I view Ripple as a "government", XRP as it's currency and RTXP as it's economy. Difference being that governments are able to sell bonds/QE without a technical ceiling, while Ripple has a limited albeit huge amount of XRP. Governments want their currency to inflate at a slow but stable rate, similarly I think Ripple wants such stability and appreciation of XRP's value. Jed's holdings are already tied down and allowed to flow into the system at a fixed rate. Ripple has probably taken this into account in their calculations - the predicted Jed liquidity flowing into RTXP. "Market conditions permit" - would mean barring any instability caused by XRP spiking up in value, Ripple may step in, sell to maintain XRP's appreciation within a band.
  11. Bitcoin is moving too. Could be a general updraft. Doesn't seem too exciting on the price level, but news-wise prospects look very good.
  12. There will come a point in time when you remember it's your birthday, but you forget how old you are. Until then, happy birthday
  13. If you're looking for looks and lust, get a gigolo. If you're looking for a life partner, then you would first need to know your own direction in life. In the midst of your own journey you would come across others going in the same direction.