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  1. Thanks, American yes....I’m trying to teach myself a cram corse on this subject....it’s intimidating. Especially the new terminology.... I just read some stuff about off line computers and switching your wallet.... I’m confused about this. So what would be the most secure way to use a wallet? And how would you use it off line?
  2. Ok, thank you, that answered that question...so the wallet has an unlimited capacity? Basically... as far as transaction fees ....if I want to buy say $5000 worth of xrp.... what percentage of the $5000 would I lose in fees....my plan for right now is to buy and hold.... no trading, no selling.... based on $1 per coin.
  3. Hi, I’m new to all of this so be patient. How many coins can an app hold? How do you know the capacity of a hardware wallet? I saw something about 20 coins (penalty) if you have multiple wallets does this apply to each wallet? I bought 3 legend s wallets because everything else is back ordered....they are in shipping now.....I haven’t signed up for any accounts yet. Take me by the hand. Thank you...
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